SPH Sentul City Team Won the 1st Place in the Young Scientists Competition 2018

SPH Sentul City sent its team again to participate in the Young Scientists Competition (YSC), and this year, Daniel Hariyanto (Grade 12) and Nicole Budiman (Grade 9) joined the competition. Praise God, Daniel and Nicole won the 1st place for the Environmental Science category!

This year’s Young Scientists Competition was held on 10-11 October in Bandung, West Java. There are five branches of science that being competed: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Life Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. Daniel and Nicole participated in the Environmental Sciences category, and their research was titled “Enhancement of Fecal Sludge Conversion into Biogas”. So basically, their experiment deals with human feces!

They aimed to investigate the enhancing effects of an electron donor from the methane produced by fecal sludge. Methane is a biogas and can be used for energy source.

“In our research, we furthered the idea that feces has a strong potential to be a source of energy to deal with the problem of earth’s increasing shortage of energy resources. Fecal sludge can be one source of renewable energy, thus reducing our dependence on fossil fuels,” they said.

YSC was the first science competition they joined and they were both nervous and excited at the same time. They were inspired by the works of other brilliant student scientists and also built new friendships with them. The judges were very helpful in giving feedbacks and suggestion to improve their research.

For them, winning the first place was not expected at all, since there were so many other brilliant contestants.

“We are extremely grateful to God for this [winning]. Without him, we would not have been able to achieve such an accomplishment. We are also grateful for our beloved teacher, Pak Okem, who was always there for us with unending optimism and support. It was a wonderful experience to work with each other and being able to share knowledge within a scientific community,” they added.

As they traveled back home from Bandung, they realized that achieving the 1st place was not the highlight, but the knowledge and experience they gained from this brief trip were much more precious.

This competition is fully supported by the West Java Provincial Education Office and the West Java Provincial Education Board. The champions of YSC 2018 will be included in the National Young Research Competition 2018, and if they can win in this stage, they will proceed to the International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS) 2019 in Malaysia and Asia-Pacific Conference of Young Scientists (APCYS) in Russia. We hope that Indonesia will have more young scientists for a better future.

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