SPH Sentul Students Won the 1st & 2nd in Newscasting Competition by Sampoerna University

Adrian F. Irawan (Gr. 9) and Dhira Vidhea (Gr. 10) from SPH Sentul City participated in a newscasting competition held by Sampoerna University English Club on April 27-29, 2018. Both of them worked hard throughout this competition and brought trophies home: Dhira got second place and Adrian won first place.

The newscasting competition has four rounds: the preliminary, the quarterfinals, the semi-finals and the finals. The preliminary and quarterfinals were basic news reading, the semi-final was a live report, and then the final round was an interview on a certain topic.

“We didn’t get any information about the news at all until 10 minutes before presenting the news. During the 10 minutes of preparation, we needed to prepare highlights and questions,” said Adrian.

“This was the third time I competed in [newscasting], yet that did not take away the thrill I experienced throughout,” said Dhira.

The scoring criteria are basic English skills such as pronunciation, grammar, and knowledge, while on the newscasting side, students were assessed for their fluency, tone, and pitch. Participants got the chance to practice and enhance their English and public speaking skills in delivering news in multiple contexts: news studio, live report, weather forecast, and an interview.

This competition has gained a strong reputation and has grown to include participants from more than twenty institutions in Jakarta, Tangerang, Sidoarjo, Medan, Pontianak, Bogor and Bali. This year, the competition brought together creative, talented scholars from all over Indonesia.

“I feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to learn, not merely from the competition itself, but predominantly from the awesome people I have met. I had eye-opening conversations with them and inspiring talks that helped me extend my views on the world. I believe that this opportunity and the relationships I got to build with a diverse range of people are the true essences of joining a competition like this, regardless of the achievement,” Dhira added.

Public speaking skills are tremendously valuable today. Academic intelligence and basic English knowledge should be complemented by public speaking skills. We are committed, therefore, to providing our students with many opportunities to strengthen their public speaking skills in the classroom, in co-curricular clubs, and in competitions. We are confident that these skills are laying a strong foundation for academic and career success.

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