SPH Students Exceptional Achievements in the National History Day South Asia Contest 2020

In March 2020, a total of 10 students from SPH participated in the National History Day South Asia Contest. These Grade 8-9 students have achieved well in the South Asia round, showing their remarkable knowledge and understanding of historical events around the world.

National History Day (NHD) is a year-long academic program that focuses on historical research, interpretation, and creative expression for Grade 6-12 students. It is an annual competition for international students from all over the world in which students submit their projects to the board of judges.

NHD South Asia is an affiliate of NHD that took place on March 6-7, 2020 at the American International School of Chennai, India. While the students were supposed to go to India, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, they joined the competition online through Zoom teleconference.

The South Asia NHD consisted of the Individual Junior/Senior Division and Group Junior/Senior Division. The categories were Documentary, Exhibit, Paper, Performance, and Website. All of these can be done individually or as a team.

SPH Lippo Village sent three teams which consisted of nine Grade 9 students. The first team was Phoebe Bintoro and Han Ah Song who won first place in the Group Exhibit category. The second team consisted of Reuben Santoso, Jason Chen, and Darren Kusnowo, who also managed to get the first place in the Group Documentary category. The last team included Nicole Utomo, Kimi Salimin, Kim Hidan, and Darren Manua. They successfully came out as the third-place winner in the Group Documentary category. In addition to that, Edward Franklin, an 8th grader from SPH Pluit Village, earned third place in the Junior Individual Category. We are very grateful to God for the amazing achievements of these students.

Through their projects, students have shown their deep understanding of historical themes. They presented the results of their historical research which included much critical thought, inquiry, and creativity. This year’s theme of NHD was “Breaking the Barriers”, centered on how historical figures broke the barriers and left a significant legacy. Whether it was an innovative invention or a great achievement, the theme was about those who had made a major impact in history.

Phoebe Bintoro & Han Ah Song’s Group Exhibit

Phoebe Bintoro and Han Ah Song created an exhibit titled “By Breaking the Barriers of Illiteracy and Dependence on China, Hangul Established the Korean Nation”. It was about how the Korean language and culture was established from its beginnings. Through the exhibit, we could see how Phoebe and Han Ah crafted it with intricate, artistic detail as well as their deep understanding of the Korean culture.

Reuben Santoso, Jason Chen & Darren Kusnowo’s Group Documentary Video

On the other hand, Reuben, Jason, and Darren Kusnowo created a video documentary entitled “Tu Youyou, Project 523 and Artemisinin: Finding the Cure to Malaria” which critically expounds Tu’s breakthrough to eradicate malaria and the way it impacted the world’s history. The third team which consisted of Nicole, Kimi, Kim Hidan, and Darren, also created an exceptional Group Documentary project titled “Sigmund Freud: The Transition from Psychoanalysis”.

Nicole Utomo, Kimi Salimin, Kim Hidan, and Darren Manua’s Group Documentary Video

Lastly, Edward from SPH Pluit Village presented his project on “The Struggles of Clara Sumarwati & Her Fight for Recognition” which highlighted Ms. Clara Sumarwati who was the first woman from South East Asia, and also the first person from Indonesia, to summit Mt. Everest. Edward’s documentary tells a story about her struggles and the discrimination she faced as a woman.

Edward Franklin’s Individual Documentary Video

As the first-place finalist in Group Exhibit Category and Group Documentary Category, Phoebe Santoso, Han Ah Song, Reuben Santoso, Jason Chen, and Darren Kusnowo also received an invitation letter to the National Contest in Washington, DC which was planned to be held on June 14-18, 2020.

Congratulations to the ten SPH students who had worked hard to achieve with such success in this international competition. May this achievement be an inspiration to other students despite this current condition.

Glory be to God and God only!