Students from Three SPH Campuses Achieved Outstanding Results in the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round, Melbourne
SPH Kemang Village Students (From left to right: Arya Intan Sirait, Audrey Nicoletta, and Emily Rose Kumalaputra)
On August 17-21, 2018, several students from SPH Kemang Village, Pluit Village and Sentul City joined The World Scholar’s Cup and achieved some outstanding results. Three 8th grade students from SPH Kemang Village joined the Global Round of World Scholar’s Cup in Melbourne: Emily Rose Kumalaputra, Audrey Nicoletta Adiwana, and Ayra Intan Sirait. Within those five days of intense programs, they have showed great commitment and competency. We are grateful to God for the results:
  • Three Gold medals – Individual Debate
  • Gold medal – Team Debate
  • Gold medal – Scholar’s Bowl Team
  • Two Silver medals – Writing
  • Silver medal – History challenge

Besides SPH Kemang Village, five Grade 9 students from SPH Pluit Village also joined this competition, accompanied by their teacher, Mr. Michael Eves. They are Joanna Liem, Jordan Jokowidjaja, Jason Setyadi, Lucas Sumartha and Farrel Gomargana. These five students were divided into two different teams, with both teams achieving the Junior Honor Medal in the Debate Champions which qualifies them to continue to the Final Round at Yale University in November 2018. Several SPH Sentul City students who also joined the WSC in Indonesia: Finola Prejady, Sherri Makhijani and Sebastian Suherman (Grade 11) also advanced and will compete at Yale University.

 SPH Pluit Village Team
 SPH Sentul City Team (left photo)


The World Scholar’s Cup is an international competition that brings together scholars from all over the world to compete in a series of four events. These events are Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge, and The Scholar’s Bowl. Students who participate in this competition need to master six different subjects: Special Area, History, Social Studies, Science, Art & Music, and Literature. This year’s theme is “The Entangled World” and it addresses various subjects such as human relationships, the history of diplomacy, the science of memory, and even black markets.

More than 5,000 scholars from over 50 countries attended this competition. The Global Round in Melbourne takes place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Just as at other two Global Rounds, many of the top teams will earn invitations to the annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University. Participants will learn, debate, and build new friendships among fellow scholars from all over the world. It is a once in a lifetime experience for SPH students to develop their skills and confidence that will be beneficial as a foundation for their future.

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