SPH Teacher Recruitment: Calling Qualified Christian Teachers for Our Future Generation


Teacher recruitment is something that our leaders understand as a top priority. At Sekolah Pelita Harapan, we recruit competent and experienced Christian teachers who are aligned with our vision and mission. For expat teacher recruitment, we put our best efforts by visiting universities, partnering with churches, attending international education conferences and recruitment events, and posting job openings in Christian teacher job boards.


Teachers impact lives. They have a pivotal role in optimizing students’ successes in and beyond the classroom. Their influence can have an impact well beyond a student’s time in school. In our Christian education context, teachers invite students to know and love our Triune God, leading and equipping our children in seeing the Lordship of Christ in their subjects, in their relationships, and encouraging them to use their gifts to bless others and our society. Humanly speaking, this is impossible without the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit points students to Christ and changes hearts and minds as students seek to honor Him with their best.

SPH understands the key role Christian educators have in schooling and actively seeks teachers who are willing to be godly mentors, investing in the lives of students both in the classroom and beyond. We seek teachers who have a mature and growing personal relationship with Christ that informs their thinking about their subject and their daily preparation for instruction, so that they may lead their students’ in a love for learning. We seek to attract and retain teachers whose mission is to transform, not just to inform; teachers who offer their lives to the Lord to fulfill this glorious and eternal calling.

A teacher’s heart for Christ and others is a starting point. It is equally important to hire and retain teachers who have strong preparation for the classroom. Highly qualified teachers understand meaningful engagement of their students as they challenge and support learning. They care for the students and nurture growth as they challenge and support their students to stretch in ways they didn’t believe possible. Investing in the recruitment of highly qualified Christian teachers is among the most important pursuits and responsibilities the SPH leadership has. At Sekolah Pelita Harapan, we recruit competent and experienced Christian teachers who are aligned with our vision and mission, are highly qualified and are highly relational.

Sekolah Pelita Harapan recruitment process for the next school year begins in earnest every August, especially for expat teachers. We utilize several channels for recruitment:

Ibu Aileen Riady presenting SPH at Covenant College



Our leaders visit several universities in North America, especially Christian universities with strong education programs. At these universities, we introduce SPH and meet with key faculty representatives and speak with students about the unique opportunities to teach and work at SPH. Last month, Ibu Aileen Riady (Associate Head of School) lead a team from SPH visiting Calvin College, Covenant College, Dallas Baptist University, Dordt University, Hope College, Samford University, Trinity Christian College, Trinity International University, and Wheaton College. This year we hired Mr. Gregg Thompson, who has led strong Christian Schools for over three decades, as a Senior Advisor in our schools. He is currently visiting other universities in the US, attending recruitment fairs and Christian School conferences in order to recruit experienced teachers on behalf of SPH.

For the past several years, Mr. Siu Tjoe has played a key role in helping build relationships with the education departments in the above universities and many others. Mr. Tjoe lives in the US and promotes SPH and invests in building connections and networks with universities and churches. He has been instrumental in establishing a partnership with a growing number of churches in the US and Canada.

Mr. Siu Tjoe presenting SPH at Calvin College



Representatives from SPH attend international conferences, recruitment events, and job fairs. Our Senior School Principal, Mr. Douglas Zylstra, attended the 2019 Christian Schools Queensland State Conference, a teacher conference in Australia. The conference was held on July 15, 2019. He presented about SPH both in a workshop and at SPH’s booth. At the end of this month, the five heads of the school along with Ibu Aileen and some from the Yayasan will travel to Singapore for the biennial ACSI Pacific Rim Roundtable.

We participate in the Global Christian School Leaders Summit (GCSLS), which serves as a platform for our leaders, leading workshops and sessions as conference speakers and meeting with key educational leaders from around the world. At last year’s GCSLS, Mr. Phillip Nash (SPH’s former All Campus Coordinator) and Ibu Aileen Riady both served as panel speakers. Attending international conferences is vital in building our international network.


We also use various teacher job boards and recruitment agencies to post job openings. The job boards expand our reach across the globe for teachers and administrators seeking international education opportunities.

Ellyn Hamon (center) a Corban University graduate who is now teaching at SPH Lippo Cikarang


One of our new teachers at SPH Lippo Cikarang, Ellyn Hamon, is a graduate of Corban University. She decided to join SPH after hearing Ibu Aileen Riady’s presentation at Corban. She states:

“I first heard about the opportunity to teach with SPH when Ibu Aileen Riady came to Corban University in my first year of college, speaking to my peers and I. Her passion and vision for SPH was unlike anything I had heard before; the heart behind SPH is truly to impact Indonesia for Christ by offering an excellent education for all children.”

Teacher recruitment is something that our leaders understand as a top priority. Mr. Matthew Mann, our Head of School, knows that teacher recruitment, like every aspect of SPH, requires us to put forth our best efforts. Please join us as we continue to pray for our Lord’s provision of gifted Christian educators to partner with us in the dynamic learning communities of SPH. Thank you for your prayers that we will honor God with faithful stewardship in the area of recruitment and in all our endeavors as we seek to raise up our future leaders and influencers for the glory of Christ.

Ibu Aileen Riady at Samford University

Ibu Aileen Riady at Dordt University

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