SPH Lippo Village and Sentul City 2018 Facilities Improvement

School facility is one of the main factors that parents consider when choosing a school for their children. However, not every school realizes that school facility has a great influence on the teaching and learning process. Most likely, schools that only applies “teach-to-test” principle and merely concerns about the outcomes will not consider the design of school facility. On the other hand, schools that prioritize child development holistically and support child’s growth in all aspect will eventually consider the design of school facility. Therefore, every unit of school facility must be designed in such a way that it is in accordance to that purpose and may support the school system.

According to Center for Evaluation and Education Policy of Analysis from Pennsylvania State University, the quality of a school building and facilities are important for physical and emotional health of students and teachers[1]. Claus and Girrbach also stated, “The effective school establishes a well-disciplined, secure, and wholesome learning environment, and maintains clean and orderly school buildings.”[2] One of the studies from Asian Journal of Educational Research found that the aesthetic beauty of school, infrastructural facilities, and school equipment are significantly influence students’ attitude to schoolwork and academic performance[3].

(Above) SPH Lippo Village Grade 1-2 Classroom Renovation. (Below) Grade 4 Classroom


As the second-home for students and teachers, Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) seeks to create the best school physical environment to support the teaching-learning process and to increase school’s academic performance. For the 2018/2019 Academic Year, we have renovated several classrooms at SPH Lippo Village, including Grade 1-2 and Grade 4 classrooms. While in SPH Sentul City, there is a Grand Opening of six new rooms and some other facility improvements:

  1. A new fitness center with extensive equipment to promote student physical health
  2. A new Junior School Library
  3. Student Center for Diploma Program and university counseling
  4. Updated art room
  5. A new Pre-Kindy room
  6. A new large multi-purpose room
  7. New laptop set for Junior School students
  8. New Lego Robotics program for Senior School students


Our hope is that these facilities improvement support the teaching-learning process and students are more excited to learn throughout this Academic Year!