Pelita Harapan Parents and Youth Retreat “Standing Firm”

It was such a blessing for parents from the community under the Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan including Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Universitas Pelita Harapan, UPH College, UPH Teachers College, Sekolah Dian Harapan and Sekolah Lentera Harapan who attended “Standing Firm” Parents & Youth Retreat at Universitas Pelita Harapan. (27 February 2016)

There were almost 1800 participants blessed by the truth that was boldly spoken. Eight dedicated speakers equipped parents and youth to deal with the challenges of current cultural trends.

Topics delivered were practical and relevant to trends that occur nowadays. It was a strong calling to impact Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan community through those topics.

Speakers in this retreat were Reverend Sutjipto Subeno, Evangelist Jimmy Pardede, Evangelist Mercy Grace Prealy Putong, James T. Riady, Charlotte Priatna, Reverend Martin Elvis, Evangelist Pieters Pin.

Before parents and youth separated into two classes, there were several plenary sessions like In The World, But Not Of the World and By The Power of God, Stand Firm!

Some of the topics that were delivered in parents sessions were Dad Is Not Mom-Mom Is Not Dad, Family Values For Shaping Identification, Boundaries For Shaping Character, Love Them!, Media: Controlled or Controlling?, Win Them Back!, The Say and The Do, Understand Their Brain.

Topics for youth were Christ The Controversialist, The Media Is Shaping You, It Is Frightening Indeed, Your Future is Now, Masculinity, Fight Hard Win Hard, Many Choices Only One Destiny, Beyond The Media, and Femininity.

Parents and youth were re-affirmed in the main foundation of STAND FIRM in His WORD.

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