Team of Students from SPH Sentul City Won the 2nd Place in the Asian English Olympics 2019

SPH Sentul City sent a team of four students to join the Asian English Olympics, held by Bina Nusantara University English Club. Asian English Olympics is an annual prestigious event that involves many prominent judges such as Desi Anwar (Director of CNN Indonesia) and Dalton Tanonaka (CEO of The Indonesian Channel). SPH SC team won the 2nd place in the Radio Drama competition. One of the students, Adrian Francis Irawan, gave his testimony about the competition:

In the Asian English Olympics, I joined both an online and face-to-face competition: Radio Drama and Storytelling Through my experience, the value I treasured the most in this competition is friendship. I have already made over 30 friends in just that competition. It’s also very easy to strike up a conversation with one another because first, most contestants there are public speakers so they communicate well and second, both you and the contestant have something in common: anxiousness. In this particular competition, students from all over Asia come and joins. I met people from South Korea, Bangladesh, Malaysia and more. This not only taught me their culture but also builds a tolerance towards people from different countries.

Radio Drama is a field where you telling a story without visuals. This means that you will have to use expressive intonations and creative sound effects in order to win the competition. The theme that our story should revolve around is millennial’s dreams for the preliminary and challenging the status quo for the final. In this field, we are able to work as a 4-man group, in which we won 2nd place.

Storytelling is a field provided in AEO as well. They measure creativity, confidence, fluency, and expressiveness when presenting your story. A good storyteller is able to take a paragraph of words, and turn it to visuals through motions for the audience to see. There are a total of 5 rounds, 2 preliminaries, a quarter-final, semi-final and a final. Within each step, the rounds are more challenging than the one before. I lost in the semi-final, where you will have to create a story that integrates 12 pictures and sounds, in which a 30-second integer. In the storytelling field, I got 4th place.

Of course, I wouldn’t have gone this far without my coach, Alexia, who supported me every step of the way. She guided me through 3 storytelling competitions, and shape me to become better than myself. Fortunately, with my experience in storytelling, I am able to use techniques, such as expressive intonation, in the radio drama competition.

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