Teams from Three SPH Campuses Joins the World Scholar’s Cup 2018 at Yale University

At the end of last year, a team of students from three SPH campuses flew to New Haven, Connecticut, to join the 2018 Tournament of Champions for the World Scholar’s Cup at Yale University. The team of students who participated came from SPH Sentul City, Kemang Village, and Pluit Village. This team earned their place in the Tournament of Champions at Yale by their outstanding performance at the Melbourne round in August 2018.

The following are some of the highlights of our students’ achievements:

  • Total medal tally (from all campus): 26 gold medals & 26 silver medals
  • Sherri Makhijani, from SPHSC, got 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal for all subjects (Specific area, Science, Literature, Social Studies, Arts and History)
  • One of the SPHPV students, Jordan Jokowidjaja, achieved 5th position and got a gold medal from the History Subject Challenge
  • The SPHPV Team got 2nd Place in the Team Awards for Events Bowl (Lucas Sumartha, Farrel Gomargana & Itay Kugman from Rashish Junior High)
  • Michael Eves, an SPH PV teacher, got an award for distinguished service as Debate Adjudicator and for distinguished leadership as a Team Coordinator

For the last six years, Yale University has been hosting the last round of the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC), known as the Tournament of Champions. The Tournament of Champions brought more than 2,000 students from 50 different countries. Aimee Watts, the Outreach Coordinator of WSC, described the excitement of the students who participated in this huge event:

“There is an incredible energy of thousands of people, all of them really care about the subjects, they care about learning, they care about meeting new people.”

Students got to explore a variety of interesting subjects from history to science, natural disasters to pop culture. This kind of diversity makes WSC a unique competition. Joseph Harr, the Tournament Director described it like this:

“I think it has a way of sparking a different kind of excitement in students. They want to explore these topics because it is interesting, not because someone is telling them to do it.”

At the tournament, students participated in academic challenges such as the Scholar’s Challenge, the Team Debate, and a Collaborative Writing event. Students also enjoyed more creative activities, such as the Scholar’s Bowl and the Scavenger Hunt.

Furthermore, students got the chance to immerse themselves in a diversity of cultures from so many countries around the world. At the Scholar’s Cultural Fair, there were booths for each of the countries represented. The students wore their traditional clothes and showcased their distinctive culture through food, music, and artefacts. It is not every day that students are able to meet people from such diverse backgrounds and cultures all in one place.

The Tournament of Champions at Yale University marked the end of last year’s WSC competition. Our students have had a memorable experience participating in this international event. We hope that they will take everything on board, and all of their experiences will shape them to become well-rounded individuals at school and into adult life.