The Hope Indonesia Mission Trip to East Nusa Tenggara

The HOPE is a student-led organization at SPH Lippo Village whose mission is to share love to the underprivileged by holding free medication programs with the help of experienced doctors to provide the best quality of aid possible to Indonesian locals in isolated communities. This year, the HOPE – along with 27 students, 2 parents, 3 teachers, 12 general doctors, and 7 dentists – underwent our 5th annual mission trip to 4 villages in East Manggarai: Desa Golo Lero, Desa Satar Tesem, Desa Beawaek, and Desa Bangka Kuleng.

In every one of our trips, we mimic the service that one would find at a regular hospital. Every villager we served had the option to get a general checkup, a dental checkup, or both. The patients were then given a doctor’s receipt and proceeded to receive medicine from the pharmacy based on it. This year, we were also able to provide 200 reading glasses to elders with vision impairments. Not only that, in order to create a long-term impact, the doctors and the students collaborated to provide health seminars on various topics directed to both children and adults. Because they were deprived of basic healthcare services, the villagers didn’t understand the importance of hygiene and maintaining their health. Because of that, we conducted lessons teaching them how to brush their teeth and wash their hands properly, and on how to regulate their blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

The HOPE gave me an experience I wouldn’t find elsewhere and coerced me to step out of my comfort zone. Not only did I have the opportunity to help others and pursue something I had an interest in – healthcare -, the preparation for the trip itself was a great learning experience because I had to communicate with real companies regarding the sponsorships for the trip. However, despite the strenuous year-long preparation, the gratitude we have received from the villagers makes the whole process extremely worthwhile.

In 1 Peter 4:10, the Bible tells us that “each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” While I went into the trip with the mindset of sharing God’s love with these people, I found that I was on the receiving end instead. This service trip helped me realize that no matter what situation you are in, God will always find a way to make his love known to us. With the amount of love that I received on this trip, I can’t help but be even more grateful for the blessings God has put into my life. The HOPE has given me so many unforgettable experiences and has revealed to me the real purpose of mission trips like these. It is not about empowering ourselves, it is about the people that we meet and can share God’s blessings with. Even now, I know that in 10 years, I’ll still remember the smile on Pak Matius’ face as he went around the rooms to shake everyone’s hand, thanking us for our service and telling us with the biggest smile on his face, “May God bless you.”

– Amanda Adrianne

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