The Ninth Annual Art Exhibition & Contest Announcement

Welcome to Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village’s 9th Annual Visual Arts Exhibition!

Impressionists capture interpretations of an expression, a glimpse of a subject matter, or a moment in time. Their works are typically bright and full of vibrant colors. This year’s exhibition theme is I choose Joy!

For many of us, this was a hard school year. Nothing was normal: school was online. Friends were online. Everything was online. In the darkest book of the Bible, Lamentations, the writer chooses to remember God’s goodness in the midst of hardship. As artists, we can do the same: “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. ‘The Lord is my portion,’ says my soul, ‘therefore I will hope in him.’”

Some artists capture a glimpse of what brings them joy.

Other artists created works of the joys they miss the most.

A lot of them found joy through making art.

The exhibition showcases art from students and staff in both our Junior and Senior school and in a variety of different mediums. It can be viewed by scrolling through artworks, or as an online booklet.

We hope that our joyful impressions can bring our community closer together and closer to the God that brings us hope!

(LV Visual Arts Department)


THE BLESSED TREE – Weston Michael Gunawan (2A)

THE BLESSED TREE – 21 x 29.7 cm, Oil pastel on drawing paper

The tree displays joy as it is surrounded by many blessings by God. There are beautiful grass around the tree, plenty of sunlight, and lots of fresh air surrounding it. Although the tree is alone with no friends, but it doesn’t feel lonely because God is always there and giving the tree many blessings.

FLYING DOLPHINS – Anaya H. Sukamto (2A)

THE FLYING DOLPHINS – 21 x 29.7 cm, Marker on Paper

Happy Dolphins swimming in the lake.

ROLLER COASTER – Anaya H. Sukamto (2A)

ROLLER COLASTER- 21 x 29.7 cm, Marker on Paper

A boy and girl having fun riding a roller coaster

THE BALL DANCE – Anaya H. Sukamto (2A)

THE BALL DANCE- 21 x 29.7 cm, Marker on Paper

A Man & Lady dancing with JOY

BACK TO SCHOOL – Joanne Emmanuelle Setiawan (3B)

BACK TO SCHOOL – 60 x 40 cm, Acrylic and Marker on Canvas

My artwork is about the joy of going back to school. I miss my classroom, the piano concert, my swimming lesson, and also the library, so I draw each of them on a canvas and color them with acrylic paint.

FOREST OR HAPPINESS (PART 1) – Samantha Prijanto (4A)

FOREST OR HAPPINESS (PART 1) – 30 x 40 cm, Watercolor on Paper

It talks about a girl in the forest running away from her depressing life (being in isolation) into this beautiful forest. She loves nature and she is enjoying her moment in it. She picks a flower hanging from a cave and she happy. And that M on her necklace stands for Virgo because it is her zodiac.

FOREST OR HAPPINESS (PART 2) – Samantha Prijanto (4A)

FOREST OR HAPPINESS (PART 2) – 30 x 40 cm, Watercolor on Paper

The Forest Of Happiness is about a girl running away from her depressing life (which represents isolation) and she wants to run away into a forest because she is most happy and comfortable in nature. War For Freedom is about a woman who is fighting for freedom for her kingdom. Wilder Captain is about a girl who is a captain but she is happy with the lions.

HERSHEY THE RESCUE DOG – Della Katherine Long (5B)

HERSHEY THE RESCUE DOG – 30 x 20 cm, Mixed Media (led pencil, colored pencils, gel pens, and watercolor paint on canvas paper)

My artwork consists of a dog, which was a pet of one of my friends. I decided that I wanted to draw him in a realistic style so that I could capture all of the details of the dog. The reason that I decided to enter this into the art exhibition is because I love animals, especially dogs because they never have worries or doubts, and they are usually cheerful. Pets always cheer me up if I am having a hard day, and to me, they represent joy. This artwork took me over a week to make because of all the fur and details, but it was all worth the time in the end when I was happy with the finished product. To make this artwork, I first started with a reference photo that I took of the dog. Once I set that up, I started sketching out the basic details. After that, I colored in the drawing with my colored pencils and using my gel pens to create the fur texture and highlights. The final step was to paint the background a light blue and sign my name. The principle of art that I showed the most in this artwork was: proportion. I used proportion when I drew the dog’s body because I had to make sure that the head wasn’t too large or too small, same for the body. The elements of art that I used in this artwork are color and texture. I showed color when using colored pencils are watercolor paint to color in the drawing. I used texture when creating the strokes of fur on the dog’s body. Overall, I like this drawing because it reflects the joy that dogs bring to me.

MY JOY IN QUARANTINE – Valentia Ellen Homin (6A)

MY JOY IN QUARANTINE – 29.7 x 42cm, Color pencils on Paper

This is my “Joy in Quarantine” Artwork. The materials that I used are pencils, paper, markers, and color pencils. I named it “Joy in Quarantine” because the artwork represents the things I enjoyed and came to like because of quarantine. For example, the pictures in the drawing are moments/things that I enjoyed while in quarantine, like the bottom left one is spending time with my family, and the top right one is enjoying home learning. The different items that are around the pictures also represent my joy in quarantine. The flowers, butterflies, and clovers are symbols from a game I came to enjoy and learn because of the pandemic, and the other drawings also have a meaning to them. The process of making the artwork was first I had to draw/sketch everything on paper. Then I outlined the drawing with a black permanent marker, and then I colored the drawing with colour pencils. Lastly, I outlined the drawing again so the pictures would look clear to see, and then I coloured the background. The inspiration I used for this artwork were all the experiences and memories I had during the pandemic. I think my drawing turned out very well and I am proud with what I was able to accomplish. I hope that the people who see my artwork will be able to enjoy it and take inspiration from it.

A GLIMPSE OF JOY – Siyeon Park (8.2)

A GLIMPSE OF JOY – 29.7 x 42 cm, Mixed Media (Felt, glue gun, styrofoam paper, glue)

Whenever I think of joy, the first thing that comes to mind is nature – flowers, branches, and birds. As the title of my artwork is “Glimpse of Joy,” I thought of the beautiful nest of weaver bird, which shows our current situation, staying at home. During this pandemic, I felt that the possibilities for people to go out and enjoy the scenery were needed – while people are missing the normal days. Staying at home most of the time might be hard to do, and some people could say that it is like a burden. But, I think it is time that we can develop our mental and physical health – by having some relaxed time. Also, I thought that the warm texture of felt matches well with the joy of nature, especially focusing on the bird because I worked on having some different colors to form a unique textured bird to show the different perspectives on joy. The reason why I chose the weaver bird is because of its unique nest. I thought that its unique nest is showing its independence, as it will look special amongst other nests.

HAPPINESS IN A PANDEMIC – Gisella Chelsea Mai (8.3)

HAPPINESS IN A PANDEMIC – 29.7 x 42 cm, Graphite on Paper

This is Theresia, one of my mom’s closest friends. Because of this, her kids are also close friends of mine. Although a dark time, she had strived to help those in need. During this pandemic, she had sold masks at cheaper prices – since prices have skyrocketed during the pandemic – and donated alcohol to a nearby hospital. This portrait was done in a few steps: tracing technique was used to draw the outlines of her figure. The contrasting shading was helped by using a value map. In this finished piece, balance can be seen through the equal and similar features on both sides of her face and is proportionate, which can be seen through the consistent facial shapes and hair.

A FARMER – Carine Angel Ciputra (9.3)

A FARMER – 29.7 x 21.3 cm , Charcoal on Bristol Paper

The background is a drawing of cabbage with bits of rice throughout the artwork. Farmers are essential workers in Indonesia, even during the pandemic because the majority of the Indonesian citizen population including myself eats and uses the crops that they grow. This essential worker portrays joy because of how they are able to produce vegetables and food of which grants us joy as we eat.

ABENA AGYEMAN – Carine Angel Ciputra (9.3)

ABENA AGYEMAN – 29.5 x 21 cm, Colour Pencil on Paper

This artwork is created using a reference picture picked online, gridding a white paper, drawing the subject matter, and color it using color pencils. The subject matter of this artwork is Abena Agyeman who attempted to spread smiles in the streets of Manchester in England. In general, looking at this artwork of a woman filled with pure laughter will bring joy to whoever looks at it, leaving an impression of joy inside of them.

I – Anuva Jain (9.2)

I – 19 x 27 cm, Mixed Media (Ink markers, paper, charcoal, blending stick, eraser)

This mixed media artwork focuses on the positives during an otherwise bleak time. The dragon represents the newfound creativity that has been re-discovered, as prior to the pandemic, people lead fast-paced lives, with little time for creativity. In this artwork, the dragon is made entirely out of ink, using black ink and applying different amounts of pressure or going over the same place multiple times, I was able to achieve some variation in the line art. The figure is made out of charcoal, using vine charcoal I was able to achieve a more uniform look, like on the pants. Then, using the charcoal pencil, I created texture on the hair and t-shirt to add interest. The background is also made of charcoal, with a heavier hand towards the edges to add more variety. The background feathers or blends into a lighter shade, and there is an outline made by the kneadable eraser around the figure and dragon to bring some differentiation and separation. I also utilized the charcoal pencils t create some light texture towards the top left corner and the bottom right corner. The background remained flat as I didn’t want to make the artwork too busy.


CLOTHED BY A BOOK – Rachael Elliott (Staff)

CLOTHED BY A BOOK – 70 x 70 x 222 cm, Mixed Media (Book pages, poster paper (framework), staples, tape, book cover, string)

This artwork is an expression of what it feels like to get drawn into a book. The pages and words start to blur until it is like the story consumes me whole. The book becomes a part of me, like the clothing I choose to wear. Many things changed for me during the pandemic, but reading books did not. I could still get drawn in and consumed by the story. This brought me a lot of joy to be able to enjoy something just the same as before. I made a mock book cover of Pride and Prejudice as that is one of the books I greatly enjoy getting lost in. I hope that this piece reminds others that joy can be found in the written word even when the world around us seems joyless.

A TRUE JOY – Nancy Indriyati (Staff)

A TRUE JOY – 12 x 12 x 22cm, Mixed Media (broken glass jar, decoupage napkins, acrylic paint, glue, varnish)

The broken jar is just like us. We are all broken, corrupt, there is nothing we can boast for. We are nothing…until God’s hands reach out to us, lift us up, mold us, make us a new creation, and we become a new tool in His hands. By the grace of God, we are saved, not because of our good deed, not because of our active response —NO, we are unable to do that! It’s God himself who initiates reconciliation between us and Him. There is no greater joy than knowing how precious God’s grace upon us.


HAPPY DAY – Hwang Seo Won (1B)

HAPPY DAY – 34 x 24 cm, Pencil, crayon, and color marker on Paper

She is a princess. She reflects her JOY by waving her hand and smiling.

TREES IN THE SUNSET – Jemima Alto (2A)

TREES IN THE SUNSET – 40 x 40 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

I want people after seeing my picture to feel comfortable and relaxed.

EASTER – Aubrey Mathea Laura Sayge Sormin (2B)

EASTER – 42 x 30 cm, Paper, pencil, color pencils

I made this artwork because it is almost Easter. The joy in this artwork is that according to legend,the Easter Bunny brings chocolate eggs to good children.

A JOYFUL STUDENT – Hwang Tae Won (2B)

A JOYFUL STUDENT – 34 x 24 cm, Pencil and black marker

This artwork is telling us about a joyful student walking from school joyfully because he had a happy day with his teachers and God.

COOL AND WARM – Madison Joanne Korompis (3A)

COOL AND WARM  – 41 x 28 cm, Paint on Paper

My artwork is about warm and cool colors. I learned that warm and cool colors are important. In this artwork, the elements of art that I used are lines, shape, color, and form. I am proud that I colored the stars because some were very small. And I’m also proud that I colored the white spots. I can improve on coloring more neatly.

SUNSET – Nadia Stephanie Joeng (3B)

SUNSET – 19 x 29 cm, Oil Pastel on Canvas

My artwork is about a sunset in Bali. It shows joy because when people see a sunset they feel joy and calm.

AIRPLANE RIDE – Nadia Stephanie Joeng (3B)

AIRPLANE RIDE  – 2160 x 1620px, Digital Drawing, software: Autodesk Sketchbook

My artwork is about a little girl reading a book at night in her room. It shows joy because when I read a book at night on my cozy bed I feel joyful and happy.

THE SUN AND THE MOON – Carissa Stacey Limanto (3B)

THE SUN AND THE MOON – 41 x 28.5 cm, Paint on Paper

My artwork is about The Sun from the front view and The Moon from the side view. The story behind it is about the harmony and unity of The Sun and The Moon. The sun is smiling, feeling happy, and the moon is feeling comfortable. It’s related to our lives every day. Which in the morning we could have the sun to brighten our day, and at night we could have the moon to warm our day.

SUN AND THE MOON – Jayden Djajasaputra (3B)

SUN AND THE MOON – 29 x 42 cm, Paint on Paper

My artwork shows the sun is always smiling, whether is hot or cold, day or night. Whatever the condition may hit it, the sun will always show Joy.

MY GENSHIN IMPACT OC – Sophia Rose Liando (3B)

MY GENSHIN IMPACT OC – 15 x 26 cm, Paint on Paper

It mostly about that my artwork OC is a guardian to a city named Liyue.

PRETTY GIRL – Nadia Stephanie Joeng (3B)

PRETTY GIRL – 2160 x 1620px, Digital Drawing, software: Autodesk Sketchbook

The artwork is about a pretty little girl who wants to go shopping and wants to be a fashion model. The girl is happy and joyful because of her nice life.

COLORFUL FACES – Jeong Yu Jin (4A)

COLORFUL FACES – 21 x 29.7 cm, Mixed Media (Pencil, paper origami magazines/paint water glue, crayon)

It reflects joy because I am smiling and I can draw 4 different artwork on one piece of paper and I’m also kind of proud that I can make this with materials that everyone has at home. I make it easily at home I also like that I can do a competition online too

DRAWING IS MY JOY – Deifilia Joane (4A)

DRAWING IS MY JOY  – 21 x 29.5 cm, Colored Pencil on Paper

It shows Joy because drawing is the thing that makes me happy.

CHILL PHIL – Drexel Irawan Chen (5A)

CHILL PHIL – 18 x 18 x 15 cm, Mixed Media (Newspaper, tissue, paper mache glue, paintbrush, paint)

I made Chill Phil because I see the world full of hate, so Chill Phil will be an entity that can make people chill.

HAIR DAY – Brandon Yee Fung Yik (5A)

HAIR DAY – 21 x 29.7 cm, Color pencils, Marker, Pencil on Paper

It reflects joy because it is a creative design and I hope people will like it.


COLORFUL OP ART TUNNEL – 21 x 30 cm, Color pencils, Marker, Pencil on Paper

My artwork is showing a tunnel that looks like 3D. I colored each of the line tunnels with the value rendering technique, so the tunnel looks like a cylinder instead of looking flat.

THE CRAZY HAIR DAY – Georgia Erin Leigh Gura (5A)

THE CRAZY HAIR DAY – 29 x 21 cm, Paper, glue stick, pencil, ruler, and marker

My artwork is about organic and geometric lines and shapes. I call my artwork “Weird Hair Day” because it doesn’t look like a typical hairdo, it stands up and has some pieces of hair on the left and right. Even though it looks weird but it looks cool at the same time. The elements of art that I used were lines and shapes because the hair was all made out of organic shapes and the background was all made out of geometric line patterns. The principle of art that I use is asymmetrical, variety, and pattern the hair is very asymmetrical which means that it doesn’t look exactly the same on both sides and it has variety because I used multiple shapes for the hair I also used multiple patterns for the background. I drew the geometric patterns really nicely and outlined quite neatly so I am very proud of that, but I think I can improve the organic shapes because there was a lot of space and I reused the same patterns over and over. While making this artwork I realized that I liked geometric patterns more than organic ones.


COLORFUL AND LONG OP ART – 29.2 x 20.2 cm, Color pencils, Marker, Pencil on Paper

When I made it I felt happy. I learned I need to practice art and coloring. I learned that I can draw op art and it is a little hard and tired but I can do it. I like drawing and color using black color. I used lines, colors, and shape. I used balance and pattern.

THE BLUE STRIPES – Jeus Barnabas (5A)

THE BLUE STRIPES – 13 x 19 cm, Mixed Media (Newspaper, tissue, paper mache glue, paintbrush, paint)

My artwork is called the Blue Stripes, and it is very nice and cool.

BB-8 – Justin Jacob Tan (5A)

BB-8 – 20 x 21 x 15 cm, Paper Mache(Newspaper, tissue, paper mache glue, paint brush, paint)

This is one of the artworks with many steps that I have to do. It’s challenging because it has a lot of steps. Then I have to be patient when I’m doing it. This paper mache art took 4 weeks until its finished. I’m happy to learn paper mache because it’s recyclable. Then I choose the theme BB-8 because during this pandemic I’ve been home learning for 1 year and I cannot go on holiday. I used to go to Disneyland my favorite place. So to bring back the joyful and fun memories, I choose Bb-8.


THE BUSY BLACK AND WHITE – 29 x 20 cm, Pen on Paper

This piece reflects boredom and sorrow. Although the artwork does not look like it reflects joy, this represents how I felt during the pandemic and is a way of expressing my feelings

HOUSE: A WATERCOLOR SERIES – Andreyna Garcia Ortiz (5A)

HOUSE: A WATERCOLOR SERIES – 23 x 29 cm, Mixed Media (Watercolor, pencil, marker)

My artwork is about parts of what I want my dream house to look like.

COLORS – Michael Hambali Sondakh (5A)

COLORS – 20 x 40 cm, Color pencils, Marker, Pencil on Paper

My artwork represents people in this world everyone is different and special in their own way, and everyone is always categorized in different groups to represent different hobbies

OP ART – Don Mariano Arizabal (5A)

OP ART – 21 x 29.7 cm, Color pencils, Marker, Pencil on Paper

In this artwork, I want to show how to create 3D effects by applying value to a flat drawing. Value is important because it makes the lines look like a tunnel, and I’m very glad when I did this drawing. I also apply Pattern by repeating the colors and movement because the lines are going around uncontrollably like a ball and it makes a wavey line going anywhere.​

CREATIVITY – Adrian Kam (5B)

CREATIVITY – 20 x 21 x 15 cm, Paper Mache (Paint glue, liquid glue water paintbrush, and crayon)

This artwork is about my creativity, mostly. I can call this artwork a masterpiece because in general, it looks beautiful and well made. The patterns I applied triangles, rhombuses, and rectangles. I chose these shapes because I think they are compatible with each other so I used them. I used some Paper Mache, some paint, Newspaper, Normal white paper, light blue oil pastel for outlining the pattern. I can use this skill for architecture or construction for buildings. This is a new skill that I learned so I have never experienced this type of art. I mostly used: line, shape, and color, because of the shapes I made and how I arranged the lines, the color is a nice blend together. Pattern and contrast are the strongest principles of art used in this masterpiece. 2 things that I am proud of is the style and the colors because they add life to this masterpiece. The thing that I can improve is probably how the shape comes out because the shape of the bowl is kind of distorted.

STACY AND DAN – Sophia Madeline Harjono (5B)

STACY AND DAN – 29 x 20.6 cm, Pencil, Paint, drawing paper which has been folded and paintbrush.

The title is Mrs. Stacy and Danny because in the movie, beyond the blackboard, the people standing next to each other by the bridge’s names are Mrs. Stacy and Danny. Mrs. Stacy is the one with the ponytail, and Danny is the one smoking, wearing a hat. In this artwork, I want to portray the beautiful sunset in the background. I learned in art class how to paint gradation using acrylic paint.

SET ME FREE – Anastasia Juliette Sudarpo (5B)

SET ME FREE – 29 x 21 cm, Mixed Media (Black Marker, Paintbrush and Paints, Paper)

The title is Set Me Free because all children want to experience the freedom of having a proper childhood. I was inspired to do this because of my UOI unit, which is relating to child labor, poverty, etc. Firstly, I painted the background of my art piece using analogous colors in a gradient formation. Afterward, I sketched an outline of the figure of the girl. To finish off the artwork, I filled in the outline with a black marker over the background. The art I created was supposed to depict the image of a young girl who was chained to the burdens of child labor. In the image, the girl is holding a teddy bear, which is a symbol of the ‘normal’ childhood she should’ve had. However, because her leg is chained, she couldn’t be free to do it. The dark colors used for the silhouette represent bad emotions, like sadness, loneliness, and more. The bright background colors represent good emotions, like happiness, freedom, joy, and more. The colors in the artwork show how whereas the world around the girl might be happy, she is still trapped in the darkness as long as she is chained in child labor.

WORMS – Kathleen July (5B)

WORMS – 29.7 x 21 cm, Color pencils, Marker, Pencil on Paper

This artwork that I made was made from color pencils, pencil, paper, and a marker. This shows me joy because I made it and because it looks like it is 3D but actually it is on a piece of paper. I have always liked making things look like they are coming to life and it shows joy by how colorful it is and how fascinating it looks.

FLOWER BOWL – Caleb Constantine Wu (5B)

FLOWER BOWL – 19 x 20 x 11 cm, Paper Mache, newspaper, white paper, bowl

It is about flowers and nature, I applied a regular pattern and I choose these patterns because I think they’re nice.

NATURE FOREVER – Lynelle Sheniqua Salim (5B)

NATURE FOREVER – 20 x 21 x 15 cm, Paint, Paper mache glue, paper mache bowl, bowl, newspaper, masking tape

My artwork is about how we should take care of nature forever and treat nature properly. This kind of artwork is called a Paper Mache. The pattern that I applied is a pattern of flowers in blue and red. I chose this pattern because I like flowers and I like making color patterns. The theme behind my bowl is Nature because there is grass and flowers and leaves.

THE MASTER PIECE – Louisa Nareswari Gunawan (5B)

THE MASTER PIECE – 29 x 20.9 cm, Color pencils, Marker, Pencil on Paper

It reflects joy because, the colors in my artwork are very peaceful and calming, and also it really reflects how beautiful art really is.

HOMELESS – Jaehee Jang (5B)

HOMELESS – 29.5 x 20.8 cm, Mixed Media (Paint, Brush, Paper Mache glue, a ball, newspaper)

My artwork shows how kids could be homeless too. It reflects the sadness of children that are homeless.

PLAY THE BASEBALL – Jeong Sehun (5B)

PLAY THE BASEBALL – Digital Drawing, software: Autodesk Sketchbook

This artwork is about when I play baseball I make it because this thing is my hobby and baseball player was my dream and I know many things about baseball.

SUNSET – Bethany Grace Haylock (6A)

SUNSET – 40.5 x 30 cm, Acrylic on canvas

My artwork is about the ocean. I love the ocean, beach, and vacation because I can spend time with my family! To make this artwork, I had to first sketch the outline of the wave out onto the canvas so that I knew where to paint. Then I had to mix the paint into the tints and shades that I want to mix into the wave. After I was done with the wave I had to mix all the colors I wanted to use for the sky! After I painted all of that I had to outline the details on the wave. The strongest elements of art I used were color and value. The strongest principles of art I used were variety ad contrast. Something I have done well with this artwork is that I mixed the colors well to show contrast. Something I think I could improve is to make the wave a bit more swirly to show the movement better. I think the quality of this artwork is good because it shows something that I enjoy and all of the colors blend nicely. Overall, I really like my artwork.

JOY DURING THE PANDEMIC – Ashmi Mukherjee (6A)

JOY DURING THE PANDEMIC – 29.7 x 42 cm, Acrylic on Paper

My artwork depicts what has brought me joy during the pandemic. It shows the games I have played with my family to bring me happiness during the covid-19 Pandemic. I started making this artwork by copying down an image onto paper using a pencil and then filled in all of the tints in the painting a week later. After that, I added in all the shades of the drawing and finished it. I used acrylic paint on thick A3 paper to make this artwork. This painting could be applied to show that even in times of distress, small things can bring you joy and keep you together. The painting technique is a beautiful type that could be used for work in the future. For the strongest elements of art, I used a lot of different values in the artwork, as I had to use both tints and shades of a single colour. I also feel I did well with lines, as they look clean and neat. For the strongest principles of art, I feel that I managed to make a variety of different shades of blue to make the drawing interesting, as well as contrasted the shades well together. I am proud of the monochromatic colour scheme that I used, and for creating a nice colour palette from just tints and shades of a single colour


EXPLORE IN THE ONE WORLD- 29.7 x 21 cm, Mixed Media (Color pencil, marker, ruler, pencil, eraser, Marker, Thick black marker)

This artwork is about creativity. I drew this with a variety of popular drawings. Like scream, Monalisa, and more. I made Monalisa’s face as my face and I drew a drone there to make it more creative and to show that it is in the modern time, not in the past. I drew the background with other popular drawings like Cafe in the night and more. The flowers is also a popular drawing from a famous artist. So it means that I used lots of creative drawings in my artwork but changed it little by little. There is a motorcycle and a car which also represent that it is not a past.

PANDORA’S BOX – UNLEASHED – Janice Faye Adhinarta (6B)

PANDORA’S BOX – UNLEASHED – 453 x 452 cm, Digital Drawing, software: Autodesk Sketchbook

My artwork is also one of the artworks I drew for my exhibition, it doesn’t particularly reflect joy because the story is “Pandora’s Box”, however, it is a way of me expressing my creativity which brings me joy. The scene in this artwork was when Pandora opened the “Jar” (mistranslated as a box) when she was told not to. When she opened the jar, she let out all of life’s miseries just like when Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit. This story is the Greek version of “The Fall” presented in the Bible. (Visit my Exhibition Lib Guide if you want to see the other artworks)

PANDORA’S BOX – UNLEASHED PART 2 – Janice Faye Adhinarta (6B)

PANDORA’S BOX – UNLEASHED PART 2 – 1139 x 612 cm, Digital Drawing, software: Autodesk Sketchbook

This is part 2 of the Pandora’s Box Story, part 1 is named “Pandora’s Box <Unleashed>”, this one actually symbolizes hope or joy. After Pandora let out the world’s miseries, she shut the lid back down. The only thing remaining in the jar was hope (usually symbolized as a bright butterfly/light). By having hope in the box, humanity could survive through the miseries Pandora had let out. (Check out my Exhibition Lib Guide for the full story and other artworks)

TREE OF LIFE – Elena S. Udaya (6B)

TREE OF LIFE – 45 x 45cm, Acrylic on Canvas

I chose 3 paintings that reflect on joy. Acrylic on canvas is the media I use to create them. I will discuss each of my artworks. The first one is “Tree of Life.” It depicted many animals surrounding a colorful tree. The animals were happy because they were friends with one another and shared the beauty of God’s given nature.

A DAY OUR BY THE LAKE – Elena S. Udaya (6B)

A DAY OUR BY THE LAKE – 30 x 40 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

My second artwork is “A day out by the Lake.” It was sunny and beautiful weather. A group of people was gathering by the lake having fun. They set up a campfire to keep warm.


REJOICING PEOPLE IN THE WATERFALL – 46 x 69 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

My last artwork is “Rejoicing people in the waterfall.” They went hiking and found a waterfall, so they decided to take a dip in it. There were many different kinds of creatures such as sea urchins, a camo guy, and alien swimming with humans. The people felt really happy to swim in the waterfall with various creatures. All these artworks reflect on how God created the world with different forms of life. They should be friendly to each other to create harmony and a peaceful world. In any circumstances, God has a plan for everyone so no need to be worried and try to be grateful and joyful.

SENIOR SCHOOL (Grade 7-12)

GERALD – Ayrton Maknawi (7.1)

GERALD – 21 x 29.7 cm, Marker and acrylic paint on acrylic sheet and paper

For my portrait painting, I used the triadic color scheme (Yellow, Red, Blue). The reason I picked this color scheme is because I interviewed this person and he said his 2 favorite colors are red and blue. Because he is so nice I decided yellow would also suit his happiness and nice characteristics, so I chose the Yellow Red Blue Triadic color scheme. The community I chose is from a drawing community. He is also a friend but I and he like to draw so we are in a drawing community. I chose this person because I don’t know too much about him and he is a very nice person, so I wanted to know more about him. From my interview with him I learned he is very creative, he likes to draw comics, so for my artwork, I tried to make a sunset with the red yellow blue triadic colors because it represents creativity. The sunset also represents the chillness he has, because he is a very chill person. I think I did the Triadic color scheme wave well and I think I set the mood off the artwork well. I think I could improve the neatness of my painting and I think I could also work on the glazing. It reflects joy because I made the background look like a sunset, this also reflects Joy because the person I did it on is nice and joyful.

ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN MASK – Ellsha Setia Bachtiar (7.2)

ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN MASK – 19.5 x 19.8 x 5.5 cm, Mixed Media (Paper mache, acrylic paint, sticks, brown paper, tape, glue)

This artwork was a task/summative from Mid Semester 2. All the students were supposed to make a mask that represents a community/tribe from all around the world. I chose the tribe called Aboriginal Australia. On my mask, I put different kinds of symbols that represent the people in Aboriginal Australia. We were supposed to research different kinds of symbols and the meaning of them. The symbols that I used to represent the people are their weapons, language, food, religion/belief, tradition/culture, clothing, sport. All of these symbols represent the people of Aboriginal Australia. The people of Aboriginal Australia have joy in their hearts. They have a community, they have traditions, events, and much more. Imagine not having a community, it would be so plain and so boring. But if we have a community, we would have joy in ourselves and we can express our joy to them. Therefore, this artwork represents the people of Aboriginal Australian’s joy.


THE DELIGHTFUL COMMUNITY – 30.4 x 20 cm, Marker and acrylic paint on acrylic sheet and paper

The color scheme that I used in this artwork is Triadic which contains Red, Blue, and Yellow. The community represented in my painting is a house community since she is our helper. I chose this person in this artwork because I thought that she is the closest person to me except my family. I chose the smile as a facial expression to represent since we all are happy together. I learned that being in a community helps us to learn how to live with others and respect the differences between each other. I also realized that being in a community is a way to learn and experience different lifestyles or cultures. The one thing in my artwork that I did well is the background. I think I used the three techniques of acrylic painting well. I tried to make sure that all three are easy to see. On the other hand, the one thing that I can make improvements on in my artwork is the painting of the acrylic sheet. Unlike the usual papers, it was hard to color on the acrylic sheet since it kept erasing. Therefore, I colored it multiple times. If I get another chance to color the acrylic sheet, I would like to color on the acrylic sheet more neatly.

RENEE’S SURPRISED FACE – Tiffany Yee Wai Yi (7.2)

RENEE’S SURPRISED FACE – 21 x 29.7 cm, Marker and acrylic paint on acrylic sheet and paper

I used triadic in the color scheme and the colors are blue, red, and yellow. I chose this color scheme because it was nice and easy to paint it really suits the personality of the person I am painting. The community presented in my painting is the friendship community, I chose this community as she was my friend and she’s called Renee. This facial expression is very special because she does not get surprised rarely. I learned that learning other things about people in our community will help us gain more relationships later on. This painting is my friend Renee and looking at it every time makes me feel joyful and thankful that she is my friend. She helped me when I have difficulties in all sorts of ways but she is still here wanting to help me conquer my difficulties. Thank you for being my friend, you made me feel the real meaning of joy and what is joy.

PAPER MACHE MASK OF THE MONGOL PEOPLE – Mason Borromeo Gunawan (7.3)

PAPER MACHE MASK OF THE MONGOL PEOPLE – 17 x 11 x 6.5 cm, Mixed Media (Paint, Clay, Felt, Toothpick, String, and Marker on Paper-Mache)

This artwork reflects the joy and beauty of diversity in humanity. The mask specifically reflects various aspects of the Mongolian culture, incorporating various symbols such as the ger, a traditional Mongolian house, and the head of a horse to represent both a traditional musical instrument, the horse-head fiddle, and the popular horse-riding sport in Mongolia. A pair of hands, the bow, and targets represent the other two main sports of Mongolia, which are wrestling and archery. Additionally, goat horns have been incorporated to symbolize mutton, a popular food in Mongolia. Despite the many different cultures seen around the world, humans seem to all share similar basic needs, from food to social interaction and entertainment. People may look and live differently but they are more alike than they may realize. God created human beings as unique individuals, each special in their own way, yet also as one and the same, as His children. The beauty of diversity teaches us not to dwell on our differences but to celebrate them instead.

NATIONALISM – Rochella Glorya Winslow (7.3)

NATIONALISM – 21.5 x 19 x 2.2 cm, Mixed Media (Fake sunflower, air dry clay, marker, acrylic paint, fake leaves)

I chose the title “Nationalism” because I am proud, I am half Indonesian and half Chinese. So, through this artwork, I am embracing my Chinese heritage. I wrote “Family” in Mandarin on the cheeks of the mask because in Chinese culture, Chinese values family on top of everything. Since I am part of Chinese Indonesian, this artwork let me research more about my own culture. It brings me joy because I finally get to learn more about my culture through this artwork because I never thought of learning my own culture and I am proud. The use of the flower on the mask talks about their celebration. It is an important day where the Chinese visit and remember their ancestors. The leaf on the chin talks about how usually when meeting a family, they offer Chinese tea.

PEN DRAWING – Chavia Zagita Tjung (7.3)

PEN DRAWING –  29.7 x 42 cm, Pen on paper

My artwork is mostly based on what brings joy to my life since they all have different meanings. Each of the meanings is things that represent me and my interests which shows who I truly am. I want to share how I portray my interests in art. The highlight of the art is me riding my bicycle which is one of my hobbies that brings joy. By using this in my artwork, people may also see the joy of riding a bicycle especially in this pandemic, to stay healthy. The various patterns also spread creativity and might bring vibes of joy to other people. The fork(path) drawn inside the number one, represents how I, as a Christian must choose to go to the right path and do according to God’s Will rather than enjoying all the earthly things. The stickmen are just a simple representative of my family which brings most of my joy. Books represent that I enjoy learning new things. But the point of my artwork is to share the joy (especially with people that have the same interests) and to keep being positive during this pandemic. Stay safe, stay joyful!

A CHILD BEARER – Caeley Callista Heintje Tan (8.3)

A CHILD BEARER –  29.7 x 42 cm, Graphite on Paper

My subject matter is my mother, throughout the whole pandemic she has been providing our family with our daily needs. She cooks food for three other people and cleans the house, she makes sure that her kids are safe when going out and takes good care of her loved ones. Through my artwork, I showed balance and proportions through the different tones of shading and blending. It is also shown in the facial proportions of my mom in the drawing. We first had to print out a reference and trace it onto the A3 paper, then we started value mapping the different shadows and highlights. We then started shading using the different values and finally, we blended the different tones together.

GARBAGE BAG, GARBAGE MAN – Gaby Evangeline T. Yuwono (9.1)

GARBAGE BAG, GARBAGE MAN –  21 x 30 cm, Charcoal on Bristol Paper

The essential worker in my artwork is a garbage man. A garbage man’s job is cleaning trashcans to achieve a preferable and clean environment. Without them, the environment would be malodorous and dirty. In the back, I depicted the rough form of several garbage bags motioned from the side. In several areas of the garbage bags, I included speckles of the coronavirus itself, representing how covid is present, especially in trash and garbage. We should respect garbage workers for their willingness and boldness to still work despite the pandemic happening. We should be grateful to the workers willing to help us during this pandemic.

SHADOWS – Tiffany Phoebe Sudijono (9.1)

SHADOWS –  30 x 21 cm, Charcoal on Bristol Paper

Displaying a visual depiction of a leaf raker, who is equipped with a rake and sweeping tools as the centralized subject matter, is exhibited through this presented artwork that intends to showcase a woman in motion from a side-view perception. The background is a complement to the figure, being an abstract interpretation of a microscopic leaf texture with the “L-lines” portraying the ends of leaf rakes; describing attributes that encompass leaf raking professions. Throughout Indonesia, leaf rakers are an integral part of society in assuring cleanliness and welfare, recognizing that objects often obstruct the road. This scarce belief that leaf rakers are of importance, hindered by the normality of societal standards, conveys the artwork’s purpose to express how essential workers are becoming more noticeable within the communities during the pandemic. The dark-to-light background value is a symbolism, that from being classified as ‘hidden figures’ to communities gaining realization in appreciating services; joy sparks identifying that the pandemic, not only about the privilege, is bringing out our essential workers. The leaf stem and organic lines traversing from the center also resembles how the pandemic has led our ‘straightforward’ livelihoods astray; urging us to spread compassion with an elated and hopeful attitude.

FOREST – Ruben Tirta Herlambang (9.2)

FOREST –  42 x 59.4 cm, Digital Drawing, software: Autodesk Sketchbook

Joy is something integral to my life, without joy there would be no reason to do anything. I made this artwork with the intent to show my joy, my joy of drawing. This artwork depicts a forest full of trees. This artwork was made digitally using both my tablet and my iPad.

HAPPINESS IN SOLITUDE – Marcella Jomono (9.3)

HAPPINESS IN SOLITUDE –  67.7 x 38.1 cm, Digital Drawing, software: Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop

I always find happiness whenever I am alone where I can do anything I want without any worry over schoolwork or other responsibilities. I find happiness in relaxation thus why the character in the picture is meditating. While I am alone I find joy in reading and watching TV, that is why there are TV and bookshelves. The character is away from their workspace, or work table, which means they are done with their works and have no reason to continue working and entertain themselves.

PARADISE – Karen Lim (10.1)

PARADISE –  67.7 x 67.7cm, Digital Drawing, software: Autodesk Sketchbook

“Paradise” shows the eccentric complexity of human expressions where it could be displayed as both euphoric yet quite rebellious to an extent to some people. “Paradise” is based on and inspired by an anime that I watched alongside the theme song of it, which is titled Paradise, by the musician Rude-α. The artwork depicts of my representation of this song which has a lot of electric sound, the anime series on the other hand, I drew one of their characters named Miya Chinen. As both the series and the music video display it, lots of skateboarding. How this piece reflects joy is that it displays the passion and fun for skateboarding. It sets free any kind of stress when you have a hobby that you like to get away from normal duties with, much like any other hobbies do.

4 P.M. – Christophe Amadeus Santosa (10.1)

4 P.M. –  60 x 45 cm, Digital, Canon EOS 600D

The photograph was taken for my art class. I’ve never picked up a camera before and this is the model’s first time being photographed. We were both failing miserably. I fumbled on the technical stuff, his smile was more fake than Grande’s song, and the sweltering heat was unbearable. Amidst the unprofessionalism of it all, we were both laughing at how pathetic the whole shoot was. I quickly took the next photo after we calmed down and it’s the closest natural thing I have to Joy.



Of all of the beautiful things that God created on this earth, perhaps humans come close to the beauty found in flowers. This series captures the notion of the human form in synergy with nature, exhibiting humans and flowers as a relationship that throws light on the synergetic dynamics of embodied aesthetics. Another thing that flowers and humans share is life and the art and joy of flourishing. As we grow and are inevitably challenged by life’s ups and downs, like the plant, we must not be defined by the weather, drought, or be distracted from our purpose – to be happy and fulfilled. The minute our focus moves, then our essence begins to whither and flourish we most certainly do not. Holding onto the bigger picture of being well and happiness – is what we must set our sights on. Whilst not all in the garden can ever be rosy each and every minute, if we hold the vision of positivity, believe in ourselves, hold our self-respect in the highest regard, and are mindful of our behaviors, mindsets, and needs, then we can truly flourish with the essence of well-being.

IT’S ALL GOOD – Toby Simon (11.1)

IT’S ALL GOOD – 21 x 29.7 cm, Alcohol Based Markers on Sketch Paper

This artwork was made using alcohol-based markers. I have only used alcohol-based markers once as I usually only work with a pencil. I did not expect great skill in the medium, but I just wanted to experiment with it. I made the mistake of using the wrong type of marker for the outlines, so It did not turn out the exact way I wanted. As in relation to the theme of JOY, Joy is the feeling of great pleasure and happiness, even in situations that are not at the best. But sometimes it is hard to tell if you really are joyful, and that is what I try to portray with my artwork.

BREAKOUT – Alethea Widiarto (11.1)

BREAKOUT – 40.0 x 29.8 cm, Acrylic Paint on Canvas

This artwork is my exploration of acrylic paint. ‘Breakout’ has a double meaning; it refers to a forcible escape out of confinement, and simultaneously, an achievement. The perspective in ‘Breakout’ is being confined in a box, but the box can be interpreted in many ways, such as being stuck in quarantine due to the pandemic or being stuck with your thoughts. The sky symbolizes freedom or any form of success that is achieved after a struggle. Overall, the artwork intended to emphasize a sense of joy when one escapes from captivity and reaches one goal.

MY CUP OVERFLOWS – Arella Hedya Euginia (11.4)

MY CUP OVERFLOWS – 40 x 40 cm, Arylic on Canvas

This piece conveys the central theme of Psalms 23, which is the everlasting protection and guidance from the Lord, the Shepherd of our lives. This piece shows God’s provision of sustenance, security, and serenity as the sheep were provided with green pastures, quiet waters, and protection by the shepherd. I decided to name this piece “My Cup Overflows” as this piece conveys the statement “I have more than enough for my needs”. Psalm 23 had brought comfort to us, which can be seen through the use of cool colors in this piece, especially since people tend to worry and feel lost. Using the metaphor of God as the shepherd and us as the sheep, we feel joy and comfort as God always protects and provides, even when we go through the darkest valleys.