Teaching the Mind, Transforming the Heart

19th-century American historian, Henry Adams, once said: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Researchers today have proven that teachers have a long-term influence on their students’ lives.

Dr. Bill Sanders, formerly of the University of Tennessee’s Value-Added Research and Assessment Center, found in his study that the most important factor affecting student learning is the teacher [1]. For this reason, a school must pay attention to their teachers’ competency, character and conduct.

In terms of Christian education, we believe that teachers are God’s representatives to the student [2]. Christian teachers have a responsibility to direct students’ development toward God’s objectives: to lead students to Jesus Christ, godliness in character and action, and to encourage students in pursuing their God-given calling. A Christian school should be concerned about the professional as well as the spiritual preparation of its teachers.

Research conducted by Dale B. Linton from Andrews University [3] found that international Christian school teachers are expected to possess effective pedagogical knowledge and practices that enable students to engage in meaningful and transformative learning experiences. Furthermore, as Christian teachers, their mission needs to go beyond teaching academics to also teach for the heart [4].

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) is always committed to recruiting competent and experienced teachers who are aligned with the school’s vision – “True Knowledge”, “Faith in Christ” and “Godly Character”. SPH teachers are required to have a degree in education and understand effective pedagogy, child development, class management and other skills which enhance the teaching-learning process.

Basically, there are 4 fundamental qualifications that we seek from our teacher: Calling, Competence, Character and Conduct (4C).

Our holistic approach to education, along with the delivery of the IB Curriculum, requires teachers to be able to make connections between life experiences and the curriculum [5]. Our teachers also help students make connections between Biblical truth and the subjects they are teaching, thus enabling the students to see God in every aspect of human life and the universe.

The final aim of the process of teaching and learning is to teach the mind and transform the heart. It is our hope that SPH teachers will inspire students and bring out the best in each of our students’ lives, for God’s glory alone.

Sekolah Pelita Harapan continues to commit our effort in providing qualified teachers for our students. Below, you can find access to lists of our expatriate teachers and their qualifications (Click button below to download).



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