Whole School Theme Launch: Rethinking Our Identity as “Children of Light”

Whole School Theme Launch at SPH Lippo Village

This year’s theme launch speaker was Dr. Graham Stanton, an exceptionally qualified Christian educator from Melbourne. He spent a day at all SPH schools to talk with students and faculty about this year’s theme, “Children of Light”. Dr. Graham spoke in the Whole School Theme Launches, sharing biblical insights to all our SPH communities from Kindergarten up to Senior School students. He also spent time with parents in the parent seminar titled, “Partners in Light.” He led our school leaders and teachers in professional development probing deeper into our theme.

In the Whole School Theme Launch, Dr. Graham Stanton emphasized Jesus being the Light of the World. As we believe in and are rooted in Him, we are to become children of light. So, what does it mean to be children of light?

“As the Light of the World, Jesus brings direction, meaning, and purpose for life. As we come to know Him, He brings light to our lives and sight to our blindness. That’s why we should live in that light and give direction, meaning, and purpose to others; both in our words and the way that we live,” said Dr. Stanton.

Dr. Graham Stanton, School Theme Speaker

The main purpose of all these events is to encourage all SPH faculty and staff, students, and parents to think about and apply to be “Children of Light” throughout the year. The school theme sheds light on and permeates all aspects of our schools, in our classrooms, in our conversations, in our events and even in our daily life contexts beyond our campuses.

Gary Hopkins in EducationWorld.com states that a year-long school theme is highly beneficial to unite the school community, as well as building school spirit and morale[1]. At SPH, however, a school theme is more than just a unifier, but its purpose is primarily to understand and keep fresh our identity through exploring the meaning of our vision, mission, and our relational context through our annual theme.

“Very few schools, intentionally investigate their mission and vision year after year. Through our theme launches, throughout the whole school year we continue ‘thinking themely’ about these wonderful works that God has given us to do as Christian educators,” said Mr. Dan Fennell, our All SPH Biblical Foundations Coordinator.

The annual school theme is a unique feature of Sekolah Pelita Harapan for the past sixteen years. As a Christian school, we surely want to consider biblical truths and grow as a whole school community. Our school theme is one of the best ways for our SPH community to live as Christians, working together for God’s glory.

Whole School Theme Launch & Parent Seminar at SPH Lippo Village

Whole School Theme Launch & Teacher/Staff Seminar at SPH Sentul City

Whole School Theme Launch at SPH Lippo Cikarang

Whole School Theme Launch at SPH Kemang Village

Whole School Theme Launch at SPH Pluit Village

[1] Yearlong Themes: Principals Use Them to Build Spirit, Achievement https://www.educationworld.com/a_admin/admin/admin427.shtml

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