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Do you know that the first 6 years of your children’s lives are a crucial period where they learn and absorb everything? Don’t miss this golden period & prepare your child to be lifelong learners as early as possible!  

At Sekolah Pelita Harapan, we provide the best learning environment for your little ones by focusing on inquiry-based learning through play and hands-on activities. Our Kindergarten programs are carefully designed at each level to boost your children’s developmental growth in four areas: (1) Cognitive, (2) Socio-emotional, (3) Physical, and (4) Spiritual.

Take a closer look at our Kindergarten programs & find out how SPH prepares young learners in the upcoming free Trial Class*!

Join SPH Kindy Trial Class to get a firsthand experience of our Kindergarten!

*Future schedule will announced in August 2022