It’s that time of the year —
where your child is about to embark on a new journey into Grade 1.

The transition from kindergarten to Grade 1 is a big step for any child and we're here to help them start on the right foot!

Starting them with the essential foundations - improving communication, building confidence & learning new concepts are essential to build their love for learning in school.


We care about your child as much as you do, and we want to place them in a learning situation that will best meet their developmental needs now and in the years to come. They will be guided by the careful hands of our teachers who are passionate and dedicated to the growth of your child.

Bringing the Best
of Your Child

Students are challenged to be the best they can be where they are encouraged to 'have a go' and make mistakes and learn from them.

A Safe Place
to Learn

Personal growth and discipline are cultivated through courage and risk-taking, and our children will be supported to do this in our family-like environment.


Students are shaped to be creative thinkers and thoughtful problem solvers who are healthy and happy students who love God, their family, friends, and their community.

Rest assured and let us
guide you for your child's
smooth transition to Grade 1

Why Choose Sekolah

Going to a new school was exciting but at the same time it was nerve-wrecking for both Eisen and myself. However, Eisen has been adjusting to everything very well, he has been enjoying his school each day.

The teachers use interactive tools and apps to make online learning exciting for the students. They pay attention to each students equally, give them the chance to speak up and ask questions in class, also encourage them to be independent in every aspect. We are very proud that Eisen now has been taking initiative to complete his work and do his assignments by himself.

Mrs. Willyn Tan
Parent of Grade 1, SPH Pluit Village

My child loves it when the teacher at school tells stories about God. I also see that my child likes going to school and did not find it challenging to learn even during online learning because the teacher give explanations that my child could understand well.

Mrs. Yona Sarpin
Parent of Grade 1, SPH Pluit Village

SPH Provided my child with a strong foundation not only in academic excellence but also in shaping their character with Christian values that are priceless.

Mrs. Sadie
Parents of Grade 1 and Grade 5, SPH Kemang Village

Our trial class is specially designed to allow parents to observe the experience your chilld will go through every day at SPH.

The trial class focuses on interaction with peers, communication and other key growth areas. At the end of the day, get a chance to consult with our principal and teachers through question and answer session.

Trial Classes are open on all SPH campuses

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