During this year’s Celebration of Learning, students engaged in various forms of art expression, both in music and visual arts, from a singing solo to a full band, from Calder’s balancing kinetic mobiles to colorful radial designs.

The Celebration of Learning is our avenue to showcase not only the beautiful work our students have done but also the character development that goes along with it.

As we are called to be life-long learners, we try to develop courageous learners who will try new things, have a strength of character in owning mistakes, and be discipline in doing things over and over again to achieve a certain goal. We celebrate the process of learning a skill, we celebrate growth, and we celebrate the triumph of getting to where we want to be.

Family Fun Run is a family event arranged by our Parent Advisory Group (PAG) to raise funds for various activities, events, non profit organizations and charities supported by the PAG. Last Saturday's run specifically sought to raise funds for the building of a reading house in Central Sulawesi by Yayasan Rumah Gembira.

The event started off with 2k and 5k run joined by 250 participants, followed by various fun games and booths! 🎪

Students Open Mic Night!
The school was filled with a variety of performances by our students. From a classical strings trio, to a rock out drums performance, lots of students were able to showcase their God given talents on this magical afternoon!

This Open Mic Night has been an annual tradition that brings the #SPHKV community together, strengthens our bond, and is a place where friendship blossoms! This event serves as an avenue for our community to celebrate unique God-given talents and friendships we have within the #SPHKV community.

In celebration of the Indonesian Independence day, Junior School students from Grade 1-6 went to gym to play various Indonesian Independence day games! From marble race to tug of war, all students enjoyed every activities and games! Wonderful team work guys!

In celebration of the Indonesian Independence day, Senior School students from Grade 7-12 were grouped according to their house teams and play various Indonesian Independence day games! From dancing sack race to tug of war, it was all fun and everyone had a great time.

It's the first whole school assembly! Our Senior School Worship Team led us in worship and our head of school, Mr. Mark, welcomed us to the new academic year and introduced us to the members of our second home.

It's the first day of school and there are already so many great things happening today!
We met new friends and teachers today, we learned new things, had lots of fun during playtime, had a great lunch and snack time with friends, and the first Senior School chapel!

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