Support Program

A Ministry for Parents

You are not alone. Through the SUPPORT service program, we serve the parents.


What does the SUPPORT program do?

We share¬†parenting materials per week. Every Wednesday via email and WhatsApp, parents can learn and meditate on the principles of God’s Word. May God help every parent, who in his obedience, applies God’s truth in educating his children.
We provide a team of counselors who are ready to serve. Take advantage of our counseling services that are available for fathers and mothers. Through counseling sessions with our professional Christian counselors, parents are able to share their struggles confidentially, consult or ask questions, and pray together. Please first learn the procedure of our counseling services.



What is the main goal of the SUPPORT program?

This is not an easy time for all of us, especially parents at home. Many parents might feel frustrated, discouraged, or anxious navigating all the complexity of problems that occur every day, from managing your child’s daily schedule to other relational problems at home.

We pray that many parents will feel God’s support and loving care. May God awaken the spirituality of many parents so that families are restored and recovered that they are able to seek God and His wisdom and finally thrive in God’s way.


How are the counseling sessions be conducted? Is there any schedule for the available sessions?

The counseling sessions are conducted online via Zoom or Skype and they are conducted mainly in Bahasa (some are available for English sessions too). To find out about our Counseling Procedures & List of Counselors available, download this document.