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The Ninth Annual Art Exhibition & Contest Announcement

Posted date : Wed, 14-Apr-2021
Welcome to Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village’s 9th Annual Visual Arts Exhibition! Impressionists capture interpretations of an expression, a glimpse of a subject matter, or a moment in time. Their works are typically bright and full of vibrant colors. This year’s exhibition theme is I choose Joy! For many of us, this was a hard school year. Nothing was normal: school was…

Auto-Navigating Multipurpose Mini Airplane Development by Bennaya (Gr. 12)

Posted date : Tue, 13-Apr-2021
Bennaya Kendrana (Gr. 12 at SPH Lippo Village) started his project in the Applied Science Academy since he was in Grade 11 with an ambitious goal. He wanted to develop a mini airplane that can self-navigate without any manual controls for various purposes. Bennaya started without any experience in airframe design and electronics, but through dedication, hard work, and persistence,…

Carys Mihardja's Interview in Kick Andy Show: "Aksi Memupus Stigma"

Posted date : Tue, 09-Mar-2021
Last week, on Sunday (7/3/21), Carys Mihadja, a grade 11 student of SPH Lippo Village was interviewed by Kick Andy on a National TV Station. Carys shared about her journey with Carys Cares—a non-profit organization that started as her Personal Project in Grade 10 and has turned into an internationally recognized movement. Here’s what Carys said about her journey: “From…

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