Student & Alumni Highlight

Rachel Ho

Rachel Ho is an SPH alumnus who graduated in 2009. She went on to study at the University of Melbourne and currently works as a principal for an international executive search firm where she selects c-suite and senior executive leaders for multinational companies and start-ups in Indonesia. She also works as an executive council member for the reform center for…


Abigail Limuria & Grace Kadiman

Abigail Limuria & Grace Kadiman attended Biola University several years ago and had never thought that they would write a book together that sold for thousands of copies. Abigail graduated from SPH Sentul City in 2013 and went to Biola University, where she studied Media Management at the School of Cinema & Media Arts. On the other hand, Grace is…


Liana Lim Hinch

My name is Liana Lim Hinch, I attended SPH in 1996 and graduated in 2001. I went to Wheaton College majored in International Relations and History for my bachelor's degree and then to John Hopkins University for my master's. Now, I'm currently working for an international finance corporation and I've been part of the World Bank Group, advising the company…


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