Student & Alumni Highlight

Michael Sianipar

(SPH Lippo Village Year of 2012) Hello my name is Michael Sianipar. I was at SPH Lippo Village for the IB Diploma Program and right now I am working for the Governor of Jakarta as his Personal Assistant. I have been working for the government for more than three years. The most important thing that I learned from SPH is…


Marcel Satria Manur

(SPH Lippo Village Year of 2015) He usually called Marcel. During his IB Program he became the SPH Lippo Village President of Student Council at the year 2014-2015. Whenever he encounter an inspiring or thought-provoking quote, he write it down in a small black book that he keep in the corner of his desk. One of his personal favorites is…


Andari Suherlan

(SPH Lippo Village year 2012) Her experiences, and more importantly, her interactions during her years at SPH taught her valuable life lessons that affect the way she see the world and herself, more so than what MYP and IB has taught her. Teachers and staff in SPH, family, and friends during the last few critical years of her teen years…


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