Student & Alumni Highlight

Ray Santoso

Ray Santoso has just recently graduated from SPH Lippo Village as a Class of 2020 graduate. He is passionate about baseball and has proved himself as a young, aspiring baseball athlete in Indonesia. Read his journey as a student-athlete. My first memories in life are of baseball. I remember my older brother and sister throwing the small, white ball and…


Giovani Prayitno

[su_youtube_advanced url="" width="800" height="600" https="yes"] Hi, my name is Giovani Prayitno. I went to SPH from kindergarten until high school. I graduated in 2009 and after that, I went to Biola University for four years. And at Biola University, I studied Management Information Systems and I also minored in Psychology. And today I work in UPH. I am the Office…


Donald Santoso

[su_youtube_advanced url="" width="800" height="600" https="yes"] My name is Donald Santoso, Class of 2008. I just recently participated in the Asian Para Games. I was the captain for the national Indonesian wheelchair basketball team. Prior to that, I had about four to five years of experiences playing wheelchair basketball in the States for two organizations over there. Right now, I'm still…


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