Carol Suisa

Head of Academics at SPH Kemang Village

I’m Carol Suisa and I’m the Head of Academics at SPH Kemang Village. I have spent about 23 years of my life in education. The passion for learning and sharing knowledge is undoubtedly a dominant feature in my life; my parents are teachers. When I had my first teaching experience at our church summer VBS in high school, it became very personal. After an interaction with a small group of second graders, I realized that there is something to be learned by everyone at every age and that you can teach at every age.

My pursuit of knowledge and understanding became more intentional, and I worked harder in my studies. I credit two high school teachers, Mr. Kent Hayden and Mr. Tom Roper, who challenged me to improve. I learned that there was no “you’ve made it, you’re on top of the pile” in learning. No matter how many reasons I gave and how many ways I wrote it, they constantly challenged me to find one more reason and write it one more way. Regardless of their convictions, God used them to begin forming me, “…to be made new in the attitude of [my] minds;”” (Ephesians 4:23 NIV). As my public school teachers were equipping me with the tools for learning, my parents continued to nurture and encourage me in knowing-the-who (Reel, 2015). The legacy of faith and learning from my grandfather continued to grow through my parents as I grew in my knowledge and understanding of the Creator of all creation and His plan for my sinful heart in order that I might fully develop, “as God intended His creatures to develop: as a flourishing green tree, blessed.” (MacCullough, 2013)

These convictions have remained with me throughout the last twenty-plus years. My experiences have taken me to schools in two countries I consider home. I have worked with a variety of curriculum content. I have taught in diverse classrooms ranging from K-12. I have worked with school leaders in multicultural and mono-culture settings. Whether in the United States or Indonesia, learning and growing are necessary and valuable in a classroom leadership or an administrative leadership position.

My vision for SPH is to achieve that higher standard in Christian education since the goal is twofold. Not only do students need to be prepared for the challenges of the future, but they must be provided with the ability and knowledge to understand those challenges within and from the Truth of scripture. In the hectic and quick pace of progress, students must also “be still” so that they may hear and know the great I AM, to be in a relationship with Him, and to know Him as their Creator, Lord, and Saviour.

Educational Background:

  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction – Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Bachelor of Art in Philosophy – California State University
  • ACSI Principalship Certification
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