Spiritual Life

In both within and outside the confines of the classroom, SPH nurtures students’ faith from Kindergarten continuing to Senior School.

In the classroom, we teach and instill Godly values through Biblical Studies subjects that integrate with the entire curriculum. Beyond the classroom, students practice their faith and get closer to God through spiritual formation activities such as chapel services and spiritual retreats.

  • Chapel

Service Towards God

During chapel services, students temporarily set aside their academic workload to congregate and worship God.

Senior students can serve in worship ministries by leading a praise and worship session or joining the chapel choir.

  • Spiritual Retreats

Journey to Faith Renewed

During the mandatory spiritual retreat, which is known as youth camp in other campuses, students troop to a quiet and meditative place outside the city to reflect, pray and renew their faith in God. After each spiritual retreat, students return refreshed, enlightened and eager to apply His word into their lives.

  • Pastoral Care

Help of Faith

SPH cares for all its students and recognizes diverse personal conflicts and challenges.

Whether through a school chaplain or a pastoral team, we provide pastoral care as we walk alongside them, and provide sound counsel and guidance. Students can open up and freely share their thoughts and inner struggles. SPH teachers and staff also regularly organize prayer groups and diligently offer intercessory prayers for students.

  • Spiritual Coordinators

Guidance to the Whole

Every campus appoints a Spiritual Coordinator,

who is also referred to as the School Chaplain, to act as the shepherd of the entire community’s spiritual life. While everyone at school remains accountable to grow in faith, SPH Spiritual Coordinators nourish the entire community with God’s word and encourage all to seek him in every undertaking.

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