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We prepared a list of frequently asked questions received from parents. If you have other queries, please feel free to contact us. Our Admissions Counselor will gladly respond and assist you and your family through your SPH journey.

What are the advantages of attending SPH compared to other schools?

  1. SPH is a Christian school with an emphasis on transformational education. We aim to bring redemptive restoration to each student’s life and nurture them to be agents of change in this fallen world.
  2. SPH’s core is our caring, encouraging, and close-knit community. Our school partners with parents to support each program and individual within the school.
  3. With 5 campuses across Greater Jakarta, we provide accessibility options for families.
  4. For 30 years, SPH has been a leading international school with strong Christian education. Our school environment is supportive and enjoyable for students, equipped with modern and updated facilities.
  5. SPH teachers prioritize relations beyond academic processes. They care for each student as a person and guide every student through their life, beyond classrooms and even beyond SPH.
  6. SSPH’s accreditation and authorization adhere to international standards of education. All SPH campuses are accredited by ACSI (Association of Christian School International) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). Some campuses are authorized as an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School or Cambridge International School (depending on the campus).

How do you integrate Christian education into your curriculum?

At SPH, we integrate the Christian faith into our curriculum by incorporating essential questions and critically addressing them appropriately across the curriculum. These questions involve the topics of God, man, ethics & morality, purpose & meaning, knowledge & truth, and death. Our teachers are also encouraged to show students and to connect each lesson with the big story of human history according to the Bible (Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation). Another way we do this is by using subjects as ways of understanding and responding to the world.

My child is from a local school with minimal English. How can my child understand the material in English? Will they be able to catch up?

The younger the children are, the easier it can be for them to understand the material, improve their English skills and catch up with their studies. The younger your child is exposed to this teaching and learning method, the easier it is for them to catch up with their studies. Students in Early Childhood – Grade 2 usually adapt within approximately 3 months, while Grades 3 and 4 will take about 6 months. For higher grade levels, such as Grade 5 or above, your child may need more time to adapt.

SPH entrance tests measure your child’s English skills. We highly recommend the tests be administered as early as possible to fully determine your child’s proficiency in English. Re-testing is possible approximately one or two months before the school year begins. Understanding your child’s English skills will help SPH to better understand how to help your child improve their English skills.

Who are SPH teachers?

All of our teachers are multicultural and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education, with some holding a Master’s degree and Doctorate in Education. We specifically choose teachers with solid foundations in their faith in Christ and the heart to teach children the absolute truth. Today, we have teachers from 18 parts of the world, recruited from reputable Christian colleges in the United States and other countries. While the Indonesian teachers demonstrate good English-speaking abilities, all SPH teachers are encouraged to undergo further while teaching at SPH.

What are the options for language classes at SPH?

Our instructional language is English. The Indonesian language is a compulsory subject. We also offer Mandarin classes as electives. Click here for more information about our language electives.

What is the learning approach within the classroom?

Across our campuses, SPH applies a similar learning approach within the classrooms. We see our students as active learners and teachers as facilitators. Students are stimulated to inquire, research, discuss, and analyze, then present their findings in individual and group settings. Younger students are introduced to learning through play and hands-on activities.

How does the school deal with bullying?

Unfortunately, bullying occurs in all schools, though it can be found in various forms. SPH treats the matter very seriously. Bullying will be handled according to each school’s bullying or child safety policy. Please contact Admissions if you would like a copy of these policies.

What are the child safety policies like at SPH?

You can visit the Child Safety Policy page for the necessary information. You could also request more information from the child safety officer at any of the campuses. To understand this better, refer to SPH Lippo Village’s Child Safety Policy for our general safety guidelines.

What is the average class size at SPH?

On average, all classes at SPH have a class size of 15 – 20. However, Kindergarten classes are often smaller, with 10 – 15 students per class. This can slightly differ on different campuses.

Does SPH process Student Visas for new students?

Yes, our school provides agents who will help them obtain student visas, enabling them to study in Indonesia. International students must use SPH agents since there are confidential documents that we can’t share with other third-party agents.

Is there an entrance test?

Yes. All prospective students will undergo an entrance test. For students enrolling in Kindergarten, there will be an observation. Primary, Middle, and High School students will undergo English and Math tests and an Interview.

Can students earn college credit with the International Baccalaureate program?

Yes, the majority of schools in the US offer college credit transfer for students who graduated from IB Diploma Programme. For further information, you can get connected with SPH University Counselor in your prefered campus. Start by booking a session with our Admissions Counselor at

What are the available pathways for the IB programs?

Currently, 3 available learning pathways for students in Grades 11-12: IB Diploma Programme, IB Certificate, or SPH Certificate.

Does SPH accept students with special needs?

To a certain degree, yes. We believe each and every child is uniquely created by God, and we strive to support each child’s needs. Our school has a Learning Support Team (LST) ready to support children with special education needs.

How does SPH support families?

The success of a child’s education can be influenced by his or her family. Planting basic principles of life, love, discipline, and values should begin at home and can be an extension of family support. As you consider SPH, it is very important for you to choose a school that has the same vision and ideals as your family. As a way to support parents in their parenting journey, SPH conducts parent seminars, parenting talks, and fathers’ gatherings throughout the school year. We consider it necessary to equally equip parents so they can better encourage their children when facing potential challenges before significant problems arise.
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To serve you better, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions, including campus-specific information. If your questions are still not answered, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to meet you where you are.

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