Lippo Cikarang School Fee

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We’re happy to share how much you will need to pay if your child enrolls at SPH. Our school fees vary according to campus and the corresponding grade level. Here’s the details for the school fee for SPH Lippo Cikarang.

Application Fee

Rp. 1,000,000 non-refundable application fee is payable for all admissions. An Rp. 500,000 application fee is applied to siblings.

Application should be made through our online admission portal at Open Apply followed by the application payment.

Annual Development Fee (DPP)

The Development Fee funds ongoing campus improvements. It is to be paid annually. Families who choose to pay in advance (up to six years) will enjoy the multi-year discount.

Grade Levels DPP option Published Price (Rp.)
All Grade Levels
from K1 – Grade 12
1 academic year 27,000,000
2 academic years 41,000,000
3 academic years 54,000,000
4 academic years 68,000,000
5 academic years 82,000,000
6 academic years 95,000,000

Annual Tuition Fee (SPP)

The Tuition Fee covers the operational costs directly associated with providing each child with a top-quality education.

Grade Levels Published Price (Rp.)
Early Childhood Education K1 88,000,000
K2 99,000,000
K3 100,000,000
Junior School (Cambridge Primary) Grade 1-6 144,000,000
Middle School (Cambridge Secondary) Grade 7-8 166,000,000
Grade 9-10 174,000,000
IB Diploma Programme Grade 11-12 197,000,000
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Admissions Process

If you are ready to apply, the next few steps will be a breeze with a quick and easy admission process.

Our Admission Process is simple!
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