Teaching and Staff Opportunities at SPH

The openings listed below include openings for all five of our campuses. We welcome applications anytime regardless of current openings. To submit an application for a position that is not currently open, place “Expression of interest for future employment” as the job title applied for.

Teaching Opportunities

2022/23 Opportunities

  • Career Counsellor***
  • Early Childhood Teacher***
  • Junior School Teacher*


2023/24 Opportunities

  • Early Childhood Teacher***
  • Junior School Teacher***
  • English Teacher*
  • Math Teacher***
  • Science Teacher***
  • DP Humanities Teacher***
  • Generalist Teacher***
  • Business/Economics Teacher***
  • PE Athletics Teacher***
  • Computer Technology Teacher**
  • Music Teacher***
  • Band Teacher***
  • EAL Teacher***
  • Learning Support Teacher***
  • School Counsellor***
  • Kindy Teacher Assistant**

* Expatriate educators only (preference to English native language speakers)
** Indonesian educators only
*** Open to expat and Indonesian nationals

Staff Opportunities

These opportunities are open to Indonesians only

  • Digital Marketing
  • Executive Assistant
  • Expatriate Relation & Administrator
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Events, School Assistants & Outsourcing Supervisor
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Content Marketing Lead
  • Design Lead
  • Senior Purchasing
  • Head of Operations
  • Director of HR

Academic Leadership Opportunities

  • Head of Student Services***
  • Dean of Students***
  • PE Coordinator*

Application Form

Faculty and staff who are selected will be placed in one of the 5 SPH campuses and serve as an integral part of the campus culture and ministry.

Successful teachers at Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) should have the following characteristics:

  • Commitment to grow and mature in their personal relationship with Christ;
  • Willingness to engage and contribute to the spiritual life at SPH;
  • Effective communicators and collaborators with students, parents and colleagues;
  • Natural mentors and motivators of students;
  • Self-starters, flexible, and eager to teach and learn;
  • Curious learners, seeking to offer their best efforts, focus and talents to their students and colleagues daily; and
  • Passionate about developing student potential beyond the confines of the traditional classroom.

If you’re interested, download the application form based on your nationality.

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