Early Years

The first six years of a child’s life represent a critical period of development that forms the foundation of their future.

We offer an excellent Early Childhood Education program for children ages 1 – 6 with a comprehensive approach to education aimed at developing young minds for lifelong learning. The method of teaching and learning focuses on four areas of development: cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and spiritual. Each level in the program is age-appropriate to focus on the most important skill at each developmental stage.

In the early years, we want children to have fun and form lasting friendships throughout their school and adult lives. Children will start to learn about themselves and others through sensory activities, speaking, listening, role play, early experiences of words and letters and their sounds, and outdoor learning. They are encouraged to ‘have a go’ and gain confidence through specially crafted learning activities.

Subjects Offered

  • Exploration
  • Unit of Inquiry (Science & Social Study)
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills
  • Physical Education
  • Reading/Library Time
  • Biblical Studies
  • Arts
  • Music & Movements
  • English
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Mandarin

The Early Childhood Education at SPH

Mom & Child (1-2 years)*

A program designed to nurture the bond between parent and child in fun and creative ways. Classes are set up to develop a child’s social skills through interactions with teachers and peers. Subjects such as language and math are conceptualized through participation in songs, rhymes, simple drama, and stories. Both gross and fine motor skills are essential development areas.

*Available only at SPH Lippo Village

Pre-Kindergarten (2-3 years)*

Pre-Kindergarten offers a holistic program to boost children’s confidence and love for learning. They learn routines, develop appropriate social behavior, and work on their motor skills to prepare for the next learning journey in Kindergarten. Every lesson in Pre-Kindergarten is enjoyable and fun as learning spurs a greater motivation to learn further.

*Available only at SPH Lippo Village & SPH Sentul City

K1, K2, and K3 (3-6 years)

Units of Inquiry (UOI) is added to our Kindy classes to prepare students for Junior School. At this stage, children learn through hands-on activities, observations, and simple projects within and outside their classroom. Inside the classroom, they experience inbound learning methods – reading, writing, and even creative arts like music or ballet. Activities outside the classroom include sports-like activities and field trips organized two to three times a year.

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