This program is designed to nurture the bond between children and parents in fun and creative ways. It is designed to develop social skills through interactions with teachers and other children in the class. Language and mathematic concepts are taught through participation in songs, rhymes, simple dramas, and stories. Physical development is also an essential part of this class. Equally important is the learning process for the parents, in which practical tools and strategies empower them in responding to their young children.

mom and child

5 Reasons Why You Should Join our Program

mom and child

Exposing children to a good Mom & Child program is beneficial

This program teaches children how to be independent as early as possible, which will affect their future development and growth. Here, children will gain basic self-help skills and be exposed to numbers, letters, and even sounds!

mom and child

Mom & Child is an excellent program for parents to learn how to become better parents to their children

We help parents deal with their child’s potential behavioral issues such as tantrums, biting, and hitting.

mom and child

The Mom & Child program gives a great bonding time for parents and their children

We help parents, and their children, communicate better with each other by introducing baby sign language.

mom and child

SPH Lippo Village has exceptional facilities for our Mom & Child participants

We provide the best facilities for our parents and children during the program. From providing premium and comfortable nursery classes to having a safe playground space for your children to play, we got it all covered!

mom and child

Experienced teacher

Our teacher has been experienced in the mom and child program for over 14 years.

Our Mom & Child Program is perfect for new parents who want to develop stronger emotional bonds with their babies!

Little action that matters for your baby’s future

Learn with us how to understand your babies better, as well as give them the right response that can support their future growth and development.

“Personally, for the past years that I have been handling this class, I see that the children who have joined Mom and Child have benefited from this program. You can see that there are more outgoing and confident children and learners.”

Christian RamozMom & Child Class Teacher, SPH Lippo Village

Program Location and Schedule

Location: SPH Lippo Village
Early Childhood Education Area
(in Junior School Building)

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday

Time: 10:30-12:00

mom and child

Learning made

intimate fun impactful for you & your child