Pelita Harapan Club (PHC)

Pelita Harapan Club (PHC) is a one-stop after-school activities platform with a variety of programs for students. PHC is here to provide an array of after-school activities for you to choose from, whether it be sports or non-sports, on a “pay-to-play” basis. All the activities are specially crafted for kids from Kindergarten to Senior School level in a fun and engaging way.

  • Reasons to Join

Why Choose PHC

  • Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle (for sports)
  • Developing specific skillsets and serving as an avenue for a child’s interest
  • Maximizing your child’s potential and God-given talents
  • Strengthening the relationship and network between students and the wider community
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Experience Life Beyond Campus

Pelita Harapan Club (PHC) is currently available in:

  • SPH Lippo Village
  • SPH Sentul City
  • SPH Pluit Village

The club offers your child a wide range of after school activities with professional trainers and friendly members. Find a club that suits your interest now by choosing your preferred program campus and programs.

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