Leadership moves the world. That’s why it’s important, why we study it and why we strive to do it well. At its base, leadership is about human beings coming together to accomplish some desired outcome. It guides and facilitates the processes that allow groups of people to attain personal, organizational and societal objectives.

Teacher Leadership

Matthew Bryan Mann
Academic Advisor, All Campus


Brett Bonnema
Academic Advisor, Sentul City


Helen Schleper
Academic Advisor, Lippo Cikarang


Mark Roland Thiessen
Academic Advisor, Kemang Village


Timothy Paul Heading
Academic Advisor, Pluit Village

Staff Leadership

aileenAileen Riady
Head of Administration, All Campus


Livy Fusta
Administrative Principal, Lippo Cikarang



Daisy Hudono
Administrative Principal, Kemang Village


Alex Tho
Administrative Principal, Pluit Village