Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Matter

Q: What are the advantages of SPH compared to other schools?

Q: As a Christian school, are the students expected to memorize Bible verses? If students from other religions receive low marks for Biblical Studies, does this mark influence the criteria of promotion to a higher grade?

Q: What is the point system of the IB compared to other programs?

Q: Does a student receive a certificate from the MYP program? Can they apply to college with an MYP certificate?

Q: What is the difference between the MYP program and the O level?

Q: How is the teaching method in the classroom?

Q: How qualified are the teachers at SPH?

Q: How is the composition of expatriate teachers and Indonesian teachers in the classroom?

Q: What nationalities do you consider as expat teachers?

Q: What is the maximum number of students in class?

Q: My child is from a local school with minimal English. How can my child understand the material in English?

Q: Does the school provide Mandarin language?

Q: What are extracurricular activities like at SPH?

Q: Does the school provide national exam and certificate?

Student Life

Q: What is the percentage of foreign students at SPH? Where are they from?

Q: How is the student’s life here? I heard there are so many “bourgeois” type students, for example: about birthday party, driving car, free to use hand phone at school, money spending at school, how does the school deal with this matter?

Q: How does the school deal with bullying issues?

Q: My child will be in Kindergarten. Does the school assure the safety and cleanliness of the toilet? And will someone assist my child in the toilet?

Q: What kind of parental involvement is expected by SPH?

Admission Matter

Q: What are the acceptance standards of the entrance tests?

Q: My child is from a local school. How easily could my child catch up with this kind of methodology in a full-English language environment?

Q: Do you offer entrance tests on Saturdays?

Q: It is quite difficult to get the report card from my student’s current school. Can you give a decision based on only the entrance test, without a report card?

Price Matter

Q: Why is the fee at SPH more expensive compared to other national schools with the IB Program?

Q: Is it possible to pay the SPP on monthly, quarterly, or a semester basis?

Q: What are the increments of the DPP and SPP?

Q: Is there any discount for us?

Q: Besides the DPP and SPP, what other fees should we prepare?