Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do we mean by Christian School?

Q: Who is Our School?

Q: Who are Our Teacher?


Q: What are the plus points of SPH compared to other schools?

Q: My child is from local school and their English is minimal, how can they understand all materials in English?

Q: Does the school provide Mandarin language?

Q : How about extracurricular activities in this school?

Student Life

Q: How many foreign students at SPH and from which countries are they?

Q: How is the student life here. How does the school deal with “borjuis” or other social issues?

Q: How about drugs and smoking issues in this school?

Q: We worry about our child adapting to a new environment. What kind of support is there to help new students?

Parent’s Role

Q: What does the school expect from parents involvement in education?


Q: If I enroll my child here, is there any possibility that they will not be accepted?

Q: For my kindy child, what kind of test she will undergo?

Q: Do you offer entrance tests on Saturday, because I don’t want my child to miss a school day.

Q: It is quite difficult to get a report card from the current school. Can you give decision based on entrance test only, without report card?


Q: What are the things covered in SPP?

Q: Besides DPP and SPP, what other fees should we anticipate?

Q: Is there any scholarship offered?