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Sending your child off to a dormitory is a significant milestone in their journey toward independence and personal growth. The transition from home to dormitory life can be a transformative experience, providing a unique set of opportunities for your child’s holistic development. Beyond the classroom, dormitory life can serve as a powerful catalyst for fostering essential life skills, building lasting friendships, and, importantly, deepening one’s understanding of Christian values.

Living in a dormitory setting introduces young individuals to the art of compromise, communication, and collaboration. These shared living spaces become the breeding ground for the development of interpersonal skills, teaching your child the importance of empathy and understanding in diverse communities. In the spirit of Christian values, dormitory life encourages a sense of compassion as students learn to navigate differences, appreciate the backgrounds of their peers, and extend a helping hand when needed. Let’s delve into 5 practical ways you can do to support your child’s dormitory life through this article.

5 Ways Dorm Life Promotes Student Growth & Development

Dormitory life is an experience like no other. Dorm life provides a home away from home, a place for students to live in a community and grow. Living in a dormitory has its perks, and there’s much to gain from a thriving dormitory community.

Here are 5 growth boosters you’ll see in your child when they experience life in a dormitory.

1. A Boost In the Academic Output

Research from the Center for Applied Economics and Policy Research found that living in dormitories could result in improved academic performance. Students living in a dormitory have more time to study independently or in groups with fewer distractions. The opportunity to be amongst their peers while studying together provides academic advantages.

2. Character and Personal Development

One of the biggest takeaways is growth in independence. The need to be responsible and accountable for oneself and to those around the community drives personal maturity. Students in a dorm will grow in their sense of discipline when they take responsibility for their livelihood and those around them. As Hebrew 12:11 says: “No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward, there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.” It will be an awesome training ground for them as they prepare for their eventual university life. They may encounter many challenges and problems when trying to live life independently. But as time goes by, all the challenges they have overcome will shape them into better people with fully formed characters.

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Discover. Learn. Thrive.3. Social Skills Development through Community Engagement

When students are around a community that lives, works, and plays together, community engagement naturally grows. Being among those in a similar age category increases the need to do life together. This not only builds bonds but also takes students out of their comfort zone to learn new skills. It’s also an opportunity to build long-lasting friendships that go a long way.

4. Gaining New Skillsets

Living in a dormitory teaches students new things. It’s natural to learn from one another and grow new life skills. These life skills are essential for life after school, and it’s the quickest way to pick up something new. Cooking, baking, gardening, sports, you name it, there’s a long list of skills to develop.

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5. Leadership & Mentoring

In a dorm, students must step up and lead. It’s a community with students from different age groups, and the older you are, the more responsible you must become. Everyone is accountable for each other, and being the older one in the group increases the sense of responsibility to care for the younger ones. Personality is shaped, and leadership is developed.

Tips for Living in A Dormitory for Students

Of course, students need adjustment to get used to dorm life. They will have to adapt to living in close quarters by sharing common areas such as the kitchen and living room. Students are also obligated to follow the regulations of the dorm. For a smooth transition, here are some tips that you can teach your child before they live in a dorm:

  • Keep an open mind: To live in a dormitory means to live in a community. In other words, your child will come into contact with different kinds of people from various backgrounds. Tell your child to be open to meeting new friends, and encourage them to learn from their peers.
  • Set boundaries: Making new friends is important, but remember that setting boundaries is crucial. Encourage your child to be clear about their boundaries and communicate them with their dorm friends.
  • Be Organized: By living far away from home, staying organized is crucial. Teach your child to organize their belongings with hooks, shelves, or storage containers. Also, be sure to teach them about time management, as this skill will help them to finish their tasks on time.
  • Respect others: Teach your child to be considerate of those who live around them. This can be done by teaching them to respect other people’s possessions, privacy, and space. Make sure to teach them the importance of good manners and speaking politely.
  • Take care of yourself: Parents won’t be able to cook for their children or help them with their necessities, so they need to take care of themselves. Remind them to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.

Tips for Living in A Dormitory for Students

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Sentul City provides an on-campus school dormitory for students called the Pelita Harapan House (PHH).

PHH’s high-quality facilities, including spacious bedrooms, study rooms with computers, a kitchen, and a laundry room, provide the environment an SPH dorm student needs to be successful. Student residents also benefit from SPH Sentul City’s open, green campus, getting to use the variety of outdoor areas for personal fitness and free time.

PHH is led by a supportive and caring dorm leadership team. The Dorm Parents are responsible for the wellness and safety of all the dorm residents, leading and guiding the overall dorm community. Dorm supervisors are like older brothers and sisters, mentoring and leading small groups of students through daily life. The team provides an extension to the academic life of students, ensuring personal needs are cared for. PHH is not just a dorm; it is a community filled with life, a home away from home.

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Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Established in 1993, Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) has become a trusted International Christian School in Jakarta providing Christian education for Indonesian and expatriate families. As a dedicated partner in education, SPH seeks to empower families with personalized programs and resources, fostering academic excellence, nurturing faith, building character, and facilitating their children's personal growth.