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Congratulations to Hillary Srijaya, our Grade 7 student at SPH Kemang Village, for achieving an incredible gold medal in the TeenEagle Competition!

TeenEagle is a prestigious international competition that challenges students to showcase their English skills online. The test lasted 60 minutes and involved answering 60 questions. Each category consisted of two resources: one book and one movie. Participants were asked to recall key terms, understand key theories, and analyze short passages of texts from these resources.

Hillary excelled in the competition, achieving the highest echelon score of more than 90% among 12,230 online participants from 511 schools in 55 countries.

Hillary’s achievement goes beyond the gold medal. It’s a testament to her dedication to learning and unwavering commitment to self-improvement.

“Winning the TeenEagle was a fantastic experience. This competition pushed me to improve my skills, and I’m excited to take on new challenges in future competitions!” said Hillary.

Her words perfectly capture the spirit of growth and learning that we value at SPH Kemang Village. We celebrate Hillary’s success not just for the achievement itself but for the journey of dedication and hard work that led her there.

We believe her story will inspire other students to pursue their passions with the same unwavering commitment. At SPH Kemang Village, we recognize that all talents are gifts, and we are incredibly proud of Hillary for using her gift of language to learn and grow.

Congratulations once again to Hillary! We look forward to witnessing your continued success.

If you are interested to learn more about how we support our students to thrive in their passion, visit our website or getting in touch with us today.

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