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When talking about the most celebrated holiday, are we all thinking about Christmas? As a Christian school, Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) has the privilege to really put this festive holiday on full display, loud and proud. Christmas has become the long-awaited holiday season for everyone. It is a time when everyone gets to go on holidays, budget big spending for things on their wish list, and reunite with dear ones. All these things are not necessarily wrong. However, what if they become the only things that matter during Christmas? 

While Christmas is the most celebrated holiday, let us be reminded to keep the main thing, the main thing. And that is Jesus! 

Here are a few things we can be reminded of as we enter this Christmas season: 

Christmas is God’s Greatest Gift 

Many would consider Christmas a season of giving, and it is rightfully so. God has given the world the ultimate gift found in the person of Jesus Christ, and sending His one and only Son to a broken world only demonstrates His great love for humanity. We get to celebrate a love so radical which should overwhelm us to the point of wanting to do something about it. Instead of being passive recipients, we celebrate Christmas so we can overflow those around us who have never tasted or seen a love so divine. As the gift of salvation is for us, it is for everyone who wants to receive it as well. It is no small thing, then, for many churches to encourage their congregations to give confidently and generously at the end of the year. It is a sign of trust, surrender, and gratitude for what God has done and will continue to do in, for, and through them. 

Time of Reconciliation 

God is the initiator in His act of redemption. He was the one drawing us to Himself and initiating reconciliation. That is why spending Christmas with loved ones makes it even more special and cherished, for there is unity and harmony. Living in a broken world as broken people is a daily challenge, but when we let strife corrode our relationships with those we love, this season does not seem right without family. So, we celebrate Christmas not only because of the advertised time of getting together once a year but because we are called to reconcile with those around us as a reflection of our gratitude and transformed hearts. 

Joyous Season for a Reason 

There is this special and warm feeling associated with Christmas, and regardless of the similar secular decorations embraced, whether, in a tropical country or one with four seasons, we are reminded time and time again of the true meaning of His birth. This occasion is joyous and heartwarming for a reason. We are called to give more than the presents we expect to receive or the holiday feast we order a week prior. As God has given us love, eternal forgiveness, and life everlasting found in receiving Jesus into our lives, our only response is to give back. No, God does not need anything from us, but His only desire is our hearts. Therefore, let’s give back this Christmas, whether through our time, effort, money, or attention. And whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” (Colossians 3:17). 

We hope that with these reminders, you and your family can celebrate this Christmas with true joy! Because there is nothing better than putting Him at the center of everything we do. Have a joyous and blessed December!

Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Established in 1993, Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) has become a trusted International Christian School in Jakarta providing Christian education for Indonesian and expatriate families. As a dedicated partner in education, SPH seeks to empower families with personalized programs and resources, fostering academic excellence, nurturing faith, building character, and facilitating their children's personal growth.