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We are thrilled to present the remarkable accomplishments of students at SPH Kemang Village during the second term of 2023. The following list serves as a testament to the goodness of God and His work in the lives of our students, and we are exceedingly proud to share this uplifting news with you! 

Read on to discover the stories of seven outstanding students at SPH Kemang Village! 

1. Giselle: Striving for Academic Excellence

Giselle, our Grade 10 student, has consistently demonstrated academic excellence through her outstanding achievements in Model United Nations (MUN), debates, speech competitions, and more. Despite the demands of a busy school life, Giselle is relentlessly committed to challenging herself and excelling beyond the classroom. In various competitions, she has emerged as a truth seeker and a confident communicator, showcasing not only her intellectual prowess but also her ability to articulate ideas with clarity and conviction. Giselle’s dedication to academic and extracurricular pursuits exemplifies her resilience and determination to thrive in every step of her educational journey.

At SPH Kemang Village, Giselle also leads a MUN club for friends and juniors:

“My wish in the future is to positively impact those around me through influencing people towards a brighter path. I hope to give back to my community as an appreciation for molding me into the person I have become today.”

Giselle’s Achievements:

  1. Individual achievements in WSC Bangkok Global Round:
    • Runner Up Debate Champion (placing 2nd over 3500 scholars)
    • Gold Writing Champion
    • Silver Champion Scholar
  2. Global Millennial MUN 16: Honorable Mention as UN Women, Delegate of Syria
  3. IPB MUN 2023: Best Delegate as UNEP, Delegate of Maldives
  4. SVP Bekasi Speech Competition: 2nd Place
  5. Lomba Siswa Indonesia: 3rd place
  6. International Cambridge Factor Olympiad: 3rd place
  7. Global Science Olympiad 2023: 1st place
  8. Kompetisi Pelajar Hebat Nasional: 2nd place
  9. Universitas Indonesia Engcarnation Debate Competition:
  10. World Schools Style Debate: Top Open Debate Team
  11. Impact Cup English Debate: 2nd place
  12. OPPS Indonesia: 1st place
  13. National Science Championship: 1st place

2. Aurelia: A Flourishing Young Equestrian

Aurelia, our Grade 7 student, is not only excelling academically but also flourishing as a young equestrian. Her journey in the equestrian world has been marked by notable achievements, including a 1st-place victory at the FEI Jumping World Cup in 2020 and a commendable 6th-place Victory at the Djiugo Back to School event in 2022. Undeterred by challenges, Aurelia continues to pursue her passion, recently securing 10th place in a competitive field of 53 participants at The Jakarta Horse Show Jumping 2023. In her own words, Aurelie reflects on the valuable lessons learned through equestrian challenges, emphasizing the importance of persistence and the realization that failure is a part of the process of success. Her story within the arena inspires a broader lesson in facing life’s hurdles with courage and determination.

3. Zee and Emilie: Playing Music for God’s Glory

Zee (Grade 11) and Emilie (Grade 6) are musically talented students at SPH Kemang Village. Despite their hectic school schedules, both Zee and Emilie go above and beyond to nurture their musical abilities beyond the confines of school activities. Last November, they showcased their talents in the “Glorious is Thy Name,” a sing-along hymn concert organized by Yayasan Musik Amadeus. Participation in the orchestra demands not only skill but also unwavering commitment and perseverance. Reflecting on the experience, Zee shared, “Throughout the process, I not only honed my musical skills but also gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for glorifying God through the music I play.”  
As Zee and Emilie continue to glorify God through their musical journey, we eagerly look forward to witnessing the harmonious notes of their future endeavors. Their steadfast dedication to both academic and external musical pursuits is a testament to the harmonious spirit that enriches the SPH Kemang Village community. May their talents continue to glorify God and inspire those around them.

4. Alaska: Holistic Brilliance

Alaska Gracia Christie Sirait, our Grade 11 student, recently achieved a remarkable feat as the 1st runner-up in GADIS Sampul 2023, competing against 1,420 participants across Indonesia.  
GADIS Sampul, a prestigious teenage model selection by GADIS magazine since 1987, emphasizes the presentation and the positive impact these young individuals bring to the community.  
This year’s theme, “Celebration of Self,” resonated with Alaska as she shared her journey of embracing her cultural roots and God-given talents. She aspires to fulfill her best potential, answering God’s calling to be a beacon of light in the world. 
Alongside her success in GADIS Sampul, Alaska Gracia Christie Sirait excels in the National Schools Debating Championships, securing the Top 1 position in DKI Jakarta 2023. Her achievements reflect her multifaceted talents and commitment to personal growth and academic excellence. 

5. Edmund, Caitlyn, Abigail, Keeve, Mihail, and Jane: The Light Ministry Orchestra Concert

Edmund, our Grade 10 student as well as founder of the Light Ministry Orchestra, recently orchestrated a mesmerizing musical event titled “A Night of Light.” This exceptional orchestra concert featured the extraordinary talents of five fellow SPH Kemang Village students: Caitlyn (Grade 10), Abigail (Grade 10), Keeve (Grade 11), Mikhail (Grade 11), and Jane (Grade 8). 
Light Ministry Orchestra is a youth orchestra that aims to bring “light” by providing equal opportunities for youth from all walks of life and connecting with those suffering from health impairments. The concert shows how music unites people from a variety of backgrounds and plays a beautiful harmony of music.  
Throughout the preparation for the concert, the students exemplified unwavering dedication and perseverance, not merely showcasing their musical skills but embodying the deeper values of teamwork and commitment.  
Their commitment to using their talents to glorify God and uplift others is a testament to the transformative power of unity and friendship, portraying them as faithful disciples of Christ. We applaud these young talents for not only creating a beautiful harmony of music but also for radiating the light of God’s love through their collective dedication. 

6. Ewald: An Aspiring Artist 

Ewald, a talented Grade 6 student at SPH Kemang Village, recently received an “Honorable Mention” award for the 2023 JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest. Organized by JQA (Japan Quality Assurance Organization) and IQNET (International Certification Organization Network), with the support of UNICEF Tokyo, this annual drawing contest has been a global platform for young artists aged 7-15 since 1999. The theme for the 2023 contest was “Joyful Time for People and Nature.” 
Among the 9,947 submissions from 83 countries, Ewald’s artwork stood out, earning him one of the 75 Honorable Mention awards. Last year, SPH Kemang Village submitted a total of 9 drawings from Grade 5 and 6 students, who dedicated 5 months of their break times to complete their impressive artwork. The commitment and effort displayed by each student are commendable, and we take immense pride in their achievements. As we celebrate Ewald’s success and the collective dedication of our students, we look forward to witnessing them continue to flourish and utilize their God-given talents for the greater glory of God. 

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