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12th Graders Served the Community through a One-Day Science Camp

Now a final year student, Jaewoong Lee of Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village ended the summer holiday with a blast. He and his fellow leaders from the Eagle Science Society (ESS) hosted a one-day Science Camp on August 1, 2022, for students from Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) to take part. This event marked the first science camp the ESS club held with other schools as a participant.

As a student-led organization, Eagles Science Society (ESS) conducts various projects and programs for one purpose: to educate, empower, and serve the community through science. The student-leaders seek to be the bridge between students and the field of science by providing training sessions, solving challenging science questions, and encouraging participants to take part and challenge themselves through science competitions.

ESS is first and foremost a community service by the students for the students, where they prioritize teaching and exploring science with underprivileged students. The organization also provides students with requisite equipment to extend their scientific interests such as chemicals, glassware, and many more.
The recently held annual ESS camp was conducted during the summer holiday and the ESS team had the privilege of inviting Grade 9 and 12 students from YCAB to SPH Lippo Village for a one-day science fair. Behind the scenes, the extensive planning commenced from March until August, when the team gathered donations, reached out to institutions, purchased scientific equipment, and began executing the science fair. It was an exciting and inspiring day for both ESS and YCAB, as the leaders had the opportunity to equip learners with the skillsets needed for their future endeavors.
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