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Living in a dormitory is not like what it seems, as the idea is either intimidating or inviting. Regardless of its first impression, dormitory living offers a learning and maturing experience like no other. As a home away from home, a dormitory is a place for students to live and grow in the community. For families in the Greater Jakarta region, a dormitory may offer the solution to most of your urban-city issues.

Let your child discover these 3 major takeaways when they experience dormitory living.

3 Benefits of Living in a Dorm

1. Accountable Independence

One of the biggest takeaways is growth in independence. The need to be responsible and accountable for oneself and to those within the community drives personal maturity. Residential students will grow in their sense of discipline as they take responsibility for their own livelihood and those around them. It’s an awesome training ground that prepares them for eventual university life. Dorm parents and supervisors are there to guide, mentor, and journey with students throughout their dormitory experience through Bible studies, counseling, and fellowships.

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2. Focused Attention on Studies

Center for Applied Economics and Policy Research did a study on the effects of dormitory living on student performance, which concluded that living on campus leads to improved academic performance. With the absence of a commute, residential students can orient their energy into their studies and physical activities, where the concept of study-life balance can exist thanks to full access to dormitory and campus facilities and their various programs. In terms of academics, tutors and mentors are provided to assist students as they learn to take initiative in their studies.

3. Security in Community

Living in a dormitory provides students with a sense of community where they can build friendships, grow, and thrive. It fosters natural community engagement as students live, work, and play together, allowing them to develop social skills, leadership qualities, and lasting friendships. With 24-hour security and a variety of shared activities, dormitory living offers a supportive environment similar to a big family, enabling students to connect with their school and dormmates. This close-knit community not only shapes their school experience but also helps them discover more about themselves and others, providing opportunities for both informal and formal leadership roles within the school community.

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In conclusion, dormitory living presents a unique opportunity for students to grow, learn, and build community. Despite initial reservations, dorms offer a supportive environment akin to a home away from home, fostering independence and accountability under the guidance of dorm parents and supervisors. With improved academic performance observed among on-campus residents, students benefit from a focused study environment and access to academic support services. Moreover, dormitory life promotes a sense of security and belonging, facilitating personal growth, leadership development, and lasting friendships within a close-knit community. Overall, dorm living enhances students’ life experiences, preparing them for future challenges and opportunities that await them.

At Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Sentul City, we provide an on-campus housing facility for students called Pelita Harapan House (PHH). PHH’s complete facilities include spacious bedrooms, study rooms with computers, a kitchen, and a laundry room. In addition to dormitory facilities, residential students have full access to the campus’ vast facilities, allowing them to take advantage of the open and outdoor areas for physical activity and free time.

Led by a supportive and caring dorm leadership team, our Dorm Parents are responsible for the well-being and safety of all residential students through various dormitory programs. In addition, dorm supervisors serve as older brothers or sisters who mentor and lead small groups for daily growth. The team ensures students’ personal and academic needs are cared for.

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